Who is Lauren Jackson? Facts about Tyler Lockett’s girlfriend

Tyler Lockett faced an uphill battle in life finding a girlfriend due to his religious beliefs. But his patience was rewarded when he got to meet the bubbly Lauren Jackson. This article is all about her. Get to know this beauty better by reading on.

They’re genuinely happy in each other’s company. – via Instagram

Biography of a Southerner

Lauren Jackson was born in the 1990s in Houston, Texas, the United States. She is a black woman who completed high school before attending Texas State University. Lauren graduated from university in 2019 with a Bachelors degree in fashion merchandising. This young woman has kept details about her family private for now.

Fashion merchandiser? More like a fashion model. – via Instagram

Lauren Jackson’s early years

Ms Jackson grew up in the Houston area and was instilled with strong values from a young age. Lauren was a regular at the church, and her family wanted to make sure that she was raised as a morally right person. Lauren hasn’t disappointed them at all. This young lady is a modern woman who even did some modelling every now and then. But nothing has come in between her and her faith. A hardworking young woman, Lauren served as an administrative assistant at Texas State. She has also been a sales associate for Forever 21 and a key holder for Michael Kors. As someone who never shied away from earning an honest living, Lauren Jackson isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if it comes down to it. 

Lauren Jackson and Tyler Lockett’s relationship 

Our belief in the saying “Relationships are made in heaven” strengthens whenever we look at Lauren’s relationship with Tyler. Technically it’s marriages, but still. Tyler, also a practising Christian, had made the promise to abstain until his marriage. Finding a girl who was going to be on the same wavelength as he is was always going to be difficult for the football player. Thankfully he found Lauren.

It makes us wonder too, Lauren. – via Instagram

Lauren and Tyler – Are they married? 

Tyler is 28 years old. He has achieved almost everything he wanted in life. This is why it is quite puzzling as to why he hasn’t married his longtime girlfriend just yet. Lauren and Tyler have been together for quite a while now.

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He loves her dearly, and Lauren seems to be the perfect girl for him. Does the man not understand that Lauren Jackson has a threshold beyond which she will not wait for him. Yes, not even for the wide receiver of the Seattle Seahawks.

Lauren has been ready for a while now. – via Instagram

How many kids do they have?

Have you not read what we’ve written about Tyler Lockett and Lauren Jackson so far? These two have made the vow to abstain until they’re married. What that means is that they’re not romping under the sheets when no one is looking. When romping doesn’t happen, babies don’t come about. It is not really that hard to understand, or is it?

Think all you want, but you don’t have an excuse Tyler. – via Instagram

Lauren Jackson’s personality traits

A strong character, Ms Lauren Jackson is a joy to be around. This woman spreads happiness wherever she goes to and is known as an enriching personality. Lauren is a righteous person and is a gentle soul too. She is up for a challenge but remains coy about all the things she does in life. Lauren also has good leadership qualities and is more than capable of running things by herself. She is not impulsive and always thinks through things before committing to something in life. Although she’s patient with her loved ones, Lauren Jackson knows her boundaries and will not let anyone treat her with disrespect. 


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