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Who Is Laura Kwan? Meet The Lovely Childhood Sweetheart Of Nolan Arenado!

Laura Kwan Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
BoyfriendNolan Arenado
Sister / BrotherHer sister’s name is Rachel Kwan
Father & MotherHer father’s name is Edward Kwan, and her mother’s name is Susan Matthews Kwan
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Laura Kwan Biography

Nolan Arenado has taken the baseball world by storm. It is all thanks to his skills and hard work at the game. He ensures to win matches and tournaments irrespective of the circumstances. Fans love his approach towards playing baseball. However, they do not know that Nolan has a pillar of support in his life. The name of this person is Laura Kwan, and she is the wife of this famous baseball player. Unfortunately, she is not on any social media. It is why the internet does not have enough information about her. This article will mention all the available details about Laura Kwan.


She Is A Beautiful Asian-American Lady

The first thing people notice about Laura is that she is a beautiful woman. Her straight brown hair flows to her shoulders in gentle waves. She likes to keep it open as it makes her comfortable. She has brown eyes that go well with a light complexion. She is always smiling in every picture, irrespective of the circumstances. Her happiness makes her look radiant. Unfortunately, the internet does not have many pictures of her. Laura is a private person, and she doesn’t like having her photos across the internet.


She Is Immensely Confident

Several WAGS prefer to stay away from the limelight because they are shy. Some of them do not want strangers in their life for no reason. Laura is also one of the women who do not like appearing in the spotlight. She does not enjoy the unnecessary attention of people.

However, a lack of exposure to the public does not mean she is shy. Laura is a confident woman who knows what she wants in life. She doesn’t like to interact with strangers for the sake of her safety. Otherwise, she knows how to conduct herself in public. Her confident attitude makes her more beautiful. It allows you to smile more and be happy with your family.

Her Employment Details Remain Unknown

Laura is a modern feminist who believes that everyone should work to earn their keep. One would assume that she has a stable job. However, nobody can confirm her job details because Laura has not spoken to the media. She could be working in a high-profile job but has not revealed anything to the public.


Laura was perseverant and sincere in school. It allowed her to earn excellent grades. It would be unsurprising that she went to some prestigious university. Unfortunately, she has not revealed any details about her higher education. Regardless of unemployment or education details, everybody knows that Laura is an intelligent woman thirsty for knowledge. She keeps seeking new opportunities in life and does not back down from challenges.

Her Love Story Began In Childhood

Laura met the love of my life in school. She met Nolan as a child and became friends with him. They did not know they would grow up to be husband and wife. It is unclear when they began dating each other. However, they have not let each other go ever since they met.


She Is Her Husband’s Best Supporter

It is hard to become a world-famous baseball player. It requires several skills and hard work to become a celebrity sportsman. However, Nolan had something which several people lack in their lives. He had an excellent support system – his best friend and love interest.

He has spent his whole life with Laura. Laura knows him like nobody else in the world. She understands how to uplift him in times of adversity. The credit of his success goes to her love and support.

They met in childhood, and it is the most beautiful thing about their love story. They did not make compromises in their career and managed their relationship well. It is rare to see such a cute love story in the baseball community. They got along well with each other because they had similar personalities. It is unclear whether the couple has any children. Unfortunately, Nolan and Laura are unlikely to reveal anything about their lives. However, they have found their happily ever after, and nothing else matters! Hopefully, everyone else can also have a love story like them.

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