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Who Is Lara Wechsler? Meet The Gorgeous Model Wife Of Gonzalo Higuain!

Lara Wechsler Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayDecember 10th, 1987
Place of BirthBrest, France
BoyfriendGonzalo Higuain
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorN.A.
Net Worth (approx.)$40 Million

Lara Wechsler Biography

Gonzalo Higuain, the down-to-earth but ferociously gifted footballer, has received widespread acclaim. His style of play is enthralling, and he never loses sight of his form from start to finish. This article is about his alleged wife, Lara Wechsler, who appears to be just as famous as he. Buckle up because there’s a lot to learn about this beauty.

Lara Has The Blessing Of Natural Beauty

She is an actress who met Gonzalo when he was a member of the Napoli football team in Italy. She is an Argentina native, much like the footballer. Lara also works as an interior designer who was a contestant on the Argentine edition of Extreme Makeover. Whatever the case may be, this woman is stunning in every way.

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She can show off her innate attractiveness in any photograph shot of her. Lara doesn’t require heavy makeup, cosmetic surgery, or extravagant haircuts to be beautiful, so you’ll never see her with them. She has a medium build and pays close attention to her diet and exercise. She follows her husband on his football tours but avoids getting her pictures taken.

She Met Gonzalo During His Best Years

They first met in Gonzalo’s best season, 2015-16, both at home and work! Lara Wechsler is a stunning woman with an attractive demeanor who draws a large number of admirers. It is unclear how exactly she met the celebrity football player, but she was still a student back then. According to reports, the couple married in December 2017 and had a daughter named Alma, born in the spring of last year. There are few specifics about her or their relationship, which appears to be quite discreet.

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Gonzalo and Lara broke up in 2016 but resumed their romance in 2017. The blonde is from a respectable and responsible household. The lovely blonde wants to keep a modest profile, opting for something a little more private over the standard Wag behavior of showcasing an expensive lifestyle on Instagram. Today, they never post pictures of themselves publicly but are very much in love.

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Lara Is Shy And Introverted

The actress girlfriend of the footballer has an introverted nature, so only her closest friends and family can know her. She does not use many social media accounts because her life is not for everyone to see and enjoy. The only accounts Lara has are a private Instagram account and a Facebook profile. For the most part, she stays inactive on both these profiles as she leads a busy life juggling her work and family. Despite the attention and admiration of millions of people, Lara has managed to maintain her originality and personality. She is never envious of the female attention lavished on her spouse.

Her Family Is Her Whole World

She is a girl-next-door who values meaningful relationships and appreciates the little things in life. She keeps her personal life private and dislikes being in the spotlight. Her family-oriented temperament provides her with a sense of fulfillment that many people in today’s world need.

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Lara’s life as a WAG must be full of unusual problems. She isn’t someone who seeks fame or drama, after all. She is selfless and confident enough to let her husband pursue his dream of becoming a football legend. Her unwavering commitment to her family and principles should serve as an example to all.

Lara Is Serious About Her Career

She is, nevertheless, a diligent and hardworking individual in all aspects of her life. She doesn’t let her WAG status get in the way of her aspirations, allowing her to develop an identity separate from the player. She believes that everyone should strive to make something of themselves in this world rather than relying on others to do it.

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Moreover, Lara never uses her WAG status to gain popularity, even as a model. The world of modelling and acting rewards such popularity, but Lara capitalizes only on her skills and beauty. It is admirable since most people cannot get anywhere in the fashion world without some recognition.

Her individualistic personality and calm demeanor make her an ideal role model for the youth. She works hard to advance her career without ever showcasing it to the world. Despite being the WAG of one of the highest-paid football stars, she does not show off her wealth.

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