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Who Is Kristen Harabedian? Check Out The Gorgeous WAG Of Trea Turner!

Kristen Harabedian Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayMay 1st, 1992
Place of BirthFlemington, NJ, USA
BoyfriendTrea Turner
JobFormer Gymnast
Sister / BrotherShe has one sibling named Zak Harabedian
Father & MotherHer parents’ names are John and Donna Homulak Harabedian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$400,000

Kristen Harabedian Biography

Trea Turner is a famous name among baseball enthusiasts. Most people know him for his excellent baseball strategies and enthusiasm. However, people often overlook the pillar of support in his life. He displays a lot of dedication to the sport. His wife, Kristen Harabedian, has supported him for a long time. She is also a celebrity like her husband, and there is a lot to unpack about this beautiful woman. So let us get to know this gorgeous beauty with blonde hair.

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She Was A Former Gymnast

Kristen is a famous person because she is a former gymnast. During her career, she was at the North Carolina State. She has won several state gymnastics competitions, which have made her famous in the sporting community. Her love for sports is one of the qualities her husband loves. Her favorite type of gymnastics event includes uneven bars. It is because performing on those bars requires a lot of skills. Kristen has always been confident about her talent as a gymnast. It is why she likes to participate in tricky games.

She Loves Challenges

Kristen and Trea are the perfect, drama-free couple of the baseball world. Kristen is a person who constantly upskills herself and strives to be better in life. She likes to learn new things and expand her perspective. Her open-mindedness and confidence are the things people love the most about her. She approaches every challenge with an optimistic attitude and a desire to win. She always has a vision and goal in every part of her life.

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She Is A Gorgeous Woman

Kristen has an exuberant personality, and she has the blessing of excellent physical looks. Her beautiful blonde hair looks good with her light complexion and mesmerizing eyes. Kristen also has an athletic healthy-looking figure which makes her look gorgeous. She works out a lot to maintain her body and youthful looks. Kristen has a healthy diet which ensures that she gets all the nutrients.

She Loves The Outdoors

Kristen married her husband in 2018 in the church. She left the gymnastics career and dedicated herself to her family. However, her love for sports and the outdoors remains deeply rooted in her. She often accompanies her husband to his games and cheers for him. She and her husband, Trea, often go hiking in the mountains and have a good time. Kristen does not shy away from new situations in life.

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The idea of a perfect day for Kristen is one where she gets to enjoy the outdoors with her family and friends. Her active and enthusiastic personality measures well with her husband’s outgoing attitude.

She Has A Loud Personality

Kristen has the personality of the typical popular high school girl, confident, charismatic, and unapologetic. She owns her personality in every way and does not feel afraid to voice her opinion. She can’t come across as a little hard-headed, but she doesn’t care. The most important thing in her life is staying true to herself. She does not wait for the world to validate her decisions and opinions. Her attractive and straightforward personality should be an inspiration for several girls. Her confidence radiates on her face, making her look more beautiful.

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Simplicity Is The Best Style

Kristen likes to keep her outfits casual and minimalistic. She likes subdued and pale colors that suit her complexion. It is why Kristen wears casual clothes and light makeup on most days. She does not go overboard with her extravagant outfits, even during events. She is not a typical WAG who likes money and other materials. Despite her casual style, Kristen does not fail to grab attention from people. Her personality is full of charisma and honesty, due to which people can’t help but notice her. Her family comes before everything for her.

Trea is a well-known player, thanks to his skills. Kristen and her husband are enjoying parenthood to its fullest.  Kristen does not like to stand out in the crowd despite all her confidence. They work as a team and have a no-nonsense approach towards parenting. One can assume that they will stay together forever. They will maintain their passionate chemistry.

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