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Who Is Kaylee Ramman? Know Everything About Nathan Ake’s Girlfriend!

Kaylee Ramman Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJune 24th, 1993
Place of Birththe Hague, Netherlands
ResidencyManchester, England
BoyfriendNathan Ake
Height1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
TattoosKaylee currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$75,000

Kaylee Ramman Biography

Yes, Nathan is a big romantic, as it seems, but are you curious to know more about the woman he could hardly take his eyes off?

Some people have a spark that doesn’t fade away with time. Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake are one of those couples who have been together for a decade. The teenage love birds got engaged in August 2020, and the followers couldn’t be happier. Who knew an early romance could lead to something this fascinating? A beautiful surprise proposal on a boat!


Read ahead to dive deeper into the life of Kaylee Ramman, the independent woman thriving in her relationship and career.

This Beautiful Dutch Woman’s Outlook Towards Life

Kaylee was born on December 27, 1994, in Hague, Netherlands. As they say, Capricorns are always invested in climbing the ladder to success. Throughout her journey, Kaylee carried a goal-oriented mindset that led to her success.  


Her creative outlook towards life could clearly be seen by the work she does. Unlike other branded bikini stores, she designs swimwear using ocean plastic, nylon landfill waste, and ghost fishing nets. 

Kaylee has always been fascinated by nature and is found around trees, oceans, mountains, and everything that resembles her soul. Her curiosity made her explore all different areas of life, and the search continues.

How Did Kaylee Meet Nathan?

Kaylee and Nathan crossed paths 10 years ago in high school and have been together ever since. They started dating back in 2011 and put in all the required efforts to keep the teenage relationship alive. These two literally saw each other go through difficult situations and grow through the same. Moving past all hurdles, Nathan beautifully proposed to his teenage sweetheart after 9 years of dating. 


The Idea of JUA June: What Exactly Got Her Mind Running?

She mentions that her love for oceans and the bad quality swimwear sold for a high price brought her closer to the idea of this amazing startup. 

Once it clicked in her head, she went ahead to do her research about eco-friendly fabrics, and finally, JUA June took birth. 

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Her determination towards protecting the mother earth is appreciated. Kaylee is known to be a woman who does everything she puts her mind to. It’s no shock that Nathan fell for this ambitious woman, always finding opportunities where they least exist. 

Vivacious by Kaylee: The Secret Behind Her Glow

As we can clearly see, Kaylee puts on a sufficient amount of time in ensuring she stays fit and healthy. Apart from herself, she cares for people who look up to her. She has her own blog called “Vivacious by Kaylee,” where you can find her suggestions for a healthy diet along with other crispy stories you will enjoy reading. 


Kaylee’s blog is very popular among people as she frequently shares her secret recipes. Sometimes when she is inconsistent, her readers often contact her with gentle reminders. If you are looking forward to getting your body prepared for this summer, then maybe this blog can be of great help. Yes, Kaylee’s secrets are just a click away, ladies. 

Always Hustling And Inspiring

Whether it’s personal or professional, Kaylee never gives up. After completing her education in the Netherlands, she moved to England and got occupied with her career. Apart from spending her time in her swimsuit business and blogging, she is also invested in dealing with jewelry. She is pretty occupied in building her own empire; the real queen is here. 

Let’s See What Kaylee’s Instagram Has To Say

Kaylee’s Instagram will tell you about some sweet moments she shares with Nathan, along with her crazy travel stories. Yes, this beauty is always up for exploring the world. Let’s be honest; the oceans are always calling you. Can you listen?

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Her Instagram clearly shows how supportive she is when it comes to Nathan’s successes and failures. After all, it’s all about a woman who is there at your best as well as worst. 


Apart from that, you will identify that Kaylee has been promoting certain brands and excelling in her modeling career as well. Yes, Nathan found his way to this extremely adorable, multi-talented woman. 

Also, you can clearly see how fun-loving Kaylee is as she is always found making the best out of the most mundane things. It seems she is a morning person, are you?

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