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Who Is Josie Rosario? Meet The Adorable Ex-Girlfriend Of Joey Bosa!

Josie Rosario Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthFort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
ResidencyFlorida, United States
JobSenior Account Manager
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Josie Rosario Biography

Joey Bosa is a famous man in the American football community. People appreciate him due to his excellent football skills.

He has won countless matches. Joey Bosa is popular among women due to his handsome appearance. It is impossible to tell if he is available to mingle. However, Joey had one girl in his heart for several years. Her name was Josie Rosario, and this article will tell you all about her.


She Was The One That Got Away For Joey

Joey and Josie were a lovely couple. They had similar interests and personalities.

She and Joey had a deep relationship. They were best friends turned lovers. Their love story was like a typical Hollywood rom-com movie. It began from an innocent place and blossomed into the best thing ever. They had a love story like no one else. Josie and Joey thought they would end up together. Unfortunately, all love stories do not have happy endings.

Josie Is Pretty Inside Out

Josie has the blessing with beautiful features. She has light brown hair that frames her face at all the correct angles. Her hair is straight, smooth, and shiny. She maintains it using the best hair products. It has the perfect light brown shade that goes well with her complexion. Josie has hair gorgeous enough to make anyone jealous.


Josie has mesmerizing blue eyes that speak a thousand words. Her eyes have a deep sparkle and expressiveness.

They make her look more beautiful than other girls. Josie always stands out in a crowd due to her physical features.

She Has Maintained A Healthy Physique

Josie has a gorgeous figure. Her nutritious diet and exercise regimes have helped her develop a healthy figure. She has the perfect hourglass body that makes her look sexy. Josie can fit into any beautiful outfit. It allows her to look glamorous at public events.

Josie and her fitness regimes are inspirational. She has always been a health-conscious person. Josie works out every day to maintain her health. She has inspired many people to change their lifestyles.

Thanks to Josie, several people have introduced healthy habits in their lives.

Josie Is An Outgoing, Friendly Person

Josie is a typical extrovert. She likes parties and other events where she can make new friends. Josie loves meeting new people and expanding her network. She has a loyal group of friends. One of the most significant people in her life was her ex-boyfriend – Joey Bosa. However, their romance did not work out. Unfortunately, she had to part ways with one of her favorite people.

Josie can make friends easily, irrespective of the situation. Her presence lights up the room with happiness.


Josie ensures to share her excitement and positivity with others. She likes to see people happy with their lives. Josie met Joey due to her outgoing personality. It was hard not to notice her in school. She was well-liked among her friends. Josie still hangs out with her folks from high school. She has ensured to maintain relations through the years.

She Is A Private Individual

Josie is an extrovert, but she does not like strangers entering her life. She takes her time to make friends. It is impossible to become friends with her via social media. She does not like the attention from the fans of Joey Bosa. Josie prefers to keep a tight-knit group of friends and family members.

She has not revealed the information about her social media profiles. She disappeared from the public eye after breaking up with Joey Bosa. She did not want NFL fans flocking to her social media accounts. Perhaps, Josie will open up about her relationship in the future.

Josie and Joey were a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, they did not find a future in their love story. However, both of them remain happy without each other. Josie and Joey still respect each other as individuals. They are content in their lives even after parting ways. Josie Rosario is an excellent person with several talents. She has a bright future and the motivation to achieve success. Hopefully, Josie will find the love of her life someday.

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