Who is Jilly Anais? Juicy details about Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend

Although we’re deeply saddened by the allegations against Deshaun Watson, we’re elated to know that he has a beautiful girlfriend in Jilly Anais. You should read this post to know more about the wonderful woman in Deshaun’s life.

Hold on to her real tight Deshaun. – via Instagram

Biography of a performer

Jilly was born on January 2, 1996, in Houston, Texas, the United States. She’s of Dutch, Creole, and African American ethnicity. Jilly gets her Dutch and Creole side of her ethnicity from her father. Her dad’s mum is from Louisiana, but her husband is originally from the Netherlands. Jilly’s mum is from Louisiana, too, but her parents moved to Houston before she was born. Jilly has a younger brother named Jules and attended the Premier High School in North Houston before moving to LA.

Daddy didn’t hesitate to let her move to LA. She found her groove there. – via Instagram

Jilly Anais’ early career

Ms Anais was just eighteen when she moved to Los Angeles. As a ballerina and a performing artist, Jilly realised that she had better chances if she made her move to the West Coast. This young lady didn’t rest on her laurels when she got to the City of Angels. Jilly actively pursued acting classes to hone her skills. However, this Texan got her big break in the music industry. She managed to release her debut single, ‘The Juice’, in February 2015. She composed it with ‘The Invaders’ and followed it up by a collaboration with Troi Irons. People began to take notice of this woman.

Now, we’ve taken notice of you. – via Instagram

Jilly’s acting career – What happened to that?

Ms Anais knew she wanted to be in front of a camera performing. She pursued her passion fiercely. Jilly’s hard work was rewarded with a chance to appear in Demi Lovato’s music footage, ‘Cool for The Summer,’ Kevin Hart’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’, and Morris Chestnut’s ‘Rosewood’. It was quite an achievement for her. Jilly continued on this path and made several appearances on television and talk shows. She even started her own Youtube channel and kept posting regularly to the delight of her fans.

Jilly’s love life. How and when did Jilly Anais and Deshaun Watson meet?

Deshaun, who was having some downtime, happened to visit a late-night restaurant called Catch in Tinseltown. Jilly, who was sat across the restaurant, happened to make eye contact. Deshaun kind of recognised her and waved.

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Jilly waved back, and that’s when the footballer knew he had a chance with this beauty. Deshaun messaged her on Insta four days later and managed to set up a hot yoga date at 0730 the following day. He made it to yoga, hung out with her and then convinced her to go on a proper date with him. It was decided that they’d meet for an early dinner at around 1700 hrs. The two of them spent the next five and half hours in each other’s company. This happened in the Spring of 2019. It has been more than two years now, and they’re still going strong.

She wouldn’t hesitate to give massages. Deshaun, you listening? – via Instagram

Is Jilly married to Deshaun Watson? Do they have kids together?

We know for a fact that Jilly and Deshaun love each other dearly. However, they’re far from being married just yet. This couple doesn’t have any kids together.

Life’s chill for Jilly. – via Instagram

Who is Jilly Anais as a person?

A social butterfly who relies on self-motivation, Jilly sets big goals for herself. She constantly moves the goalposts to keep herself challenged. Jilly is a woman with high hopes and aspirations. She says that working out is the important thing to her in life. As someone who never settles, Jilly Anais deserves the best things in life. 


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