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Who Is Isabelle Matuidi? Meet The Adventurous, Charming Wife Of Blaise Matuidi!

Blaise Matuidi, the former player for Serie A giant Juventus, has excelled throughout his football career. One could say that Matuidi is a talented man because he wins in all areas of life. The footballer has also found success in his personal life as he has a beautiful wife and four children. This article is about his divine wife – Isabelle Matuidi, who has a long history with her footballer beau.

They Met As Youngsters

Their love story began when Blaise met Isabelle in Troyes when he was just a teenager. During this time, Blaise was entering the football world, earning a name for himself. The romance between Blaise and Isabelle progressed quickly, and soon the couple was inseparable. Finally, after years of dating, Blaise proposed to his dream girl in the Grand Rex theater. Isabelle was waiting for a Star Wars movie, but the screen played a montage of their pictures, ending with the big question. Of course, the brunette beauty said yes, and a year later, they tied the knot in a grand ceremony.

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They Had Gone To A Star Wars Movie When He Proposed

Isabelle was surprised when the football star proposed to her, but fans could see it coming. It was clear from the beginning that the lovely couple would end up together. Blaise and Isabelle already had three children before getting married – Myliane, Naëlle, and Eden Matuidi. In 2021, the couple welcomed their fourth child – Nahla Ivy Matuidi, making the perfect big family.

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The Matuidi WAG Is Multitalented

Isabelle is no ordinary woman as she carries several interests and passions. She is studious and always strives to learn something new or develop a skill. As of 2019, Matuidi’s stunning wife was working as a trained osteopath, but it is unclear if she is still into that profession. The same year, Isabelle obtained a certificate in baking and began working as a professional baker.

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She is also the founder and CEO of GIMmini Kids, making her a successful entrepreneur. GIMmini Kids is a sports center for children supported by the footballer and his wife. As evident from her multiple professions and ever-changing life, Isabelle likes to have an eventful and dynamic lifestyle.

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Isabelle Is Ambitious, Friendly, And Perfect

Isabelle Matuidi is an open, honest, and enterprising woman. She knows what she wants out of life and does not feel scared to pursue her goals. Her headstrong and calm attitude made it possible for Blaise to become a famous footballer without any drama. Isabelle hardly gets jealous of the overwhelming female attention received by her footballer husband. Isabelle focuses on her work, children, and her relationship with Blaise, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in her household. She raises her children with freedom and boundaries, creating the perfect balance between fun and responsibilities.

Isabelle Works Hard For That Stunning Figure

She knows she is beautiful and works hard to maintain that stunning physique, just like Blaise. Despite being a mother over age 30, Isabella has hardly aged since she first met Blaise. Isabelle Matuidi stands at a medium height of 5 ft 4 inches and weighs approximately 55 kg. Despite looking like she is in her prime, Isabelle does not like to model for any brands. She has an exotic face, stunning body, and WAG status, but modeling is not her cup of tea.

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Despite her lack of interest in the modeling industry, Isabelle is high on fashion trends. The Matuidi WAG likes to get all decked up and pretty while going outside. She may not pay much attention to fashion trends, but it is among her passions.

She Is Not Afraid To Share Her Life

Thanks to her WAG status and vibrant personality, Isabelle Matuidi has amassed 96.2k followers on Instagram. Isabelle proudly announces that she is the wife of the famous footballer and the founder of their charity. She passionately shares pictures of her big family with her bunch of dedicated followers. Despite her busy schedule, Isabelle ensures to take a vacation once in a while.

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Blaise Matuidi hit the ultimate Jackpot when he met Isabelle because they got along so well. Their picture-perfect love story is something everyone in the world wants but never gets. Blaise and Isabelle will have many more happy years in the future, much to the satisfaction of their fans.

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