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Who Is Irina Fernandez? Meet The Loud, Party-Loving Wife Of Gabriel Batistuta!

Irina Fernandez Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthArgentina
BoyfriendGabriel Batistuta
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Irina Fernandez Biography

Some people belong together to spend their lives together, and it shows. It is easy to spot a lovely couple among others. Genuine love shows through without any verbal expression. When two people are happy together, it means they are in love. Only a few such couples exist in the celebrity world. It is because celebrities have several commitments outside their relationship. However, some people stick through thick and thin. This article is about Irina Fernandez, the wife of Gabriel Batistuta. Irina and Gabriel are among the rare couples to survive the unpredictability of the fast world of football.


Irina Is A Total Party Girl

Irina and Gabriel got along well due to their similar personalities. They both love to have fun without any worries. Irina loves to attend parties and other social events. She has an extroverted personality and is not afraid to express it. She feels best when she is around other people having a good time. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of Irina with her friends and family. She has a loving heart and likes to spread affection over to others. Irina goes to a social event once in a while to recharge from work and stress. Her fun-loving personality meshes well with her husband’s attitude towards life.

She Knew Gabriel Since Her Teenage Years

Gabriel met his future at age 16, meaning they are teenage lovers. Irina was 15 and met him at her Quinceanera, a rite of passage. They forged a strong connection instantly. It is unclear if they began dating immediately after meeting each other. However, they have been inseparable since their teenage years. Their romance never died, making them the perfect couple in the football community.

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They dated for several before tying the knot and settling down forever. Irina married her teenage sweetheart on 28 December 1990 at the Saint Roque Church. One year after their marriage, Irina and Gabriel moved to Florence, Italy, in 1991. The move was their first step in creating a family and living happily ever after. A year after their move to Florence, Irina gave birth to their first child. They had three more children in the following years.

Irina Is Not A Fan Of Drama

The best part about their relationship is that it is drama-free. Irina and Gabriel never got involved in any scandals that would break their relationship. They are immensely loyal, which is a luxury in most relationships. Their undying trust in each other is commendable. Due to their sturdy emotional foundation, they never had any issues in their relationship. Gabriel and Irina knew they were the one for each other.

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Irina Is A Fashion Enthusiast

The second love of Irina’s life is fashion and luxury. She likes wearing beautiful clothes and remains unapologetic about it. Irina’s fashion sense is classy with a hint of dazzle and sparkle. She loves to stand out in a crowd but does not like overdoing anything. Irina has clear boundaries regarding fashion. She never overdoes her makeup or wears too much bling on her.

Her Life Is All About Her Family

Irina has tons of pictures of her family on her Instagram account. She is hardly alone in any of the photos, which depicts her immense love for her family. Her children appear in almost every third photo. Irina remains inseparable from her husband and children. They all spend a lot of time together and ensure to make everyone happy. Her big family is grateful to someone like her.

Irina and Gabriel are a couple-goal for every football fan. In a community full of scandalous affairs, Irina and Gabriel stand out. Their dedication towards the betterment of their family and each other keeps their relationship afloat. One can assume that they will survive the test of time. They are low-profile individuals who love to have a good time with each other. Gabriel only focused on two things in his life – football and family. Irina ensured to look after the kids when Gabriel was not home. She supported him throughout his career, helping him become successful. Hopefully, this couple will keep on spreading love and having fun.

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