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Who is Francesca Aiello? Inspiring details about Blake Griffin’s girlfriend

Francesca Aiello Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayMarch 16th, 1995
Place of BirthMalibu, California, the United States of America
ResidencyMalibu, California, the United States of America
BoyfriendBlake Griffin
JobFashion Designer
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight62 kg (132 lbs)
TattoosFrancesca currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherFrancesca doesn’t have any siblings
Father & MotherHer mother’s name is Mimi Aiello. Details about her dad are unknown.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGray
Net Worth (approx.)$10 Million

Francesca Aiello Biography

What would we ever do without eagle-eyed fans spotting stars and their love interests? In this article, we’re going to be looking at Francesca Aiello’s life, the girlfriend of Brooklyn Nets power forward Blake Griffin. Read on to find out about their relationship and everything there is to about Ms Aiello.

The shore and the sand make Francesca Aiello. She is the beach queen. – via Imgur

Biography of the Beach Queen

Francesca Aiello was born on the 16th of March 1995, in Malibu, California, USA. She spent her entire childhood in Malibu and finished her schooling there as well. Her mum is Mimi Aiello, but details about her dad are private. However, this young lady’s parents are still together. Francesca appears to be an only child.

Sometimes she zooms in her robe. Who wouldn’t want to work for a boss as cool as her? – via Imgur

How it all started for Francesca Aiello? The story of an entrepreneur.

As someone who grew up in one of California’s best places (arguably), this young girl had a love for the beach. But thanks to a lack of choices, she was never satisfied with what she wore to the seaside.

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That’s when she decided that she was going to make her own bikini, and maybe some for her friends as well. With social media and especially Instagram just beginning to take off, she stumbled upon a formula that would make her very successful at a young age. The year was 2013, and Frankies Bikinis was born.

How is it going now?

Growing from a small brand to a beachwear label loved by celebrities and civilians alike, Frankies Bikinis has taken the bikini world by storm. Apart from selling online, she’s stocked at major retail outlets all around the USA. Francesca runs the brand with her mum Mimi and is motivated more than ever to take it to the next level.

Her latest collab is with Naomi Osaka. Francesca is killing it, and we’re talking about her fashion too. – via Imgur

Francesca Aiello personal life and relationship with Blake Griffin

As a budding entrepreneur who had to focus on her business, this young woman didn’t have a lot of time to go on dates or be in a relationship. However, everything changed when she met Blake Griffin. Back when the basketball player was with the Clippers, he approached a young Francesca. They began dating soon after.

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However, everything changed when he was traded to the Pistons in January that year. Neither one could make long-distance work, and the relationship ended abruptly. However, in May 2021, a fan spotted Blake hanging out with a girl that resembled Francesca on the lower east side of New York. It has since been confirmed that it was, in fact, Ms Aiello. The two of them have rekindled an old flame and will be hoping to go the distance this time around.

Sometimes life gets lonely at the top. – via Imgur

Unknown details about Francesca Aiello

Did you know that this lady is the youngest designer ever at Miami Beach Fashion Week? She made history when she debuted at the show in 2014 as a 19-year-old. Francesca also appeared on a TV Series called The Insider that year. She runs Frankies Bikinis with her mum’s help, who also happens to be her business partner. Candice Swanepoel was her first celebrity customer ever. Francesca’s life and brand just took off after the supermodel’s purchase. This young lady is a fan of television and gets hooked whenever Family Guy comes on. Francesca loves unwinding with a glass of wine and the TV to end her day.

But what goes up will come down and will find its destiny. – via Imgur

Who is Ms Aiello as a person?

A laidback person who knows how to grind to get the results she wants, Francesca Aiello is a self-confessed coffee lover who is addicted to success. She’d like to think of herself as an inclusive person, and that reflects in her brand’s ethos as well. As a motivated individual who is determined to do well in life, Francesca Aiello’s laidback attitude does teach aspiring entrepreneurs a lesson. You can do whatever you want if you love it enough.

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