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Who Is Elena Berri? Meet The Sexy, Smouldering Model Girlfriend Of Esteban Ocon!

Elena Berri Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayAugust 13, 1998
Place of BirthTurin, Italy
BoyfriendEsteban Ocon
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Elena Berri Biography

Everyone knows about Esteban Ocon, the super cute F1 driver that turns heads everywhere he goes. He is incredibly talented and humble, evident from his popularity among F1 drivers. He makes headlines for his performance on the tracks now and then, but people don’t know everything about him. One of the significant parts of his life includes his beautiful partner Elena Berri. Like other F1 stars, he is not afraid to show her off and often brings her to the F1 arena. Fans that have noticed her have gotten curious, and this article will have all the answers to their questions.

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She Is A Multitasker

Elena Berri is a 23-year-old model from Italy, and her birthplace is Turin. She is an intelligent, multilingual person who can speak Spanish, English, French, and other languages. Elena works as a model and constantly travels between different European countries. At present, Berri is a student of Business Management in Geneva, and she has grand plans for her future. Berri has previously studied in Paris, but her degree is unclear.

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She Loves Wearing Bikinis And Showing Off Her Curves

She has an active Instagram page where she often posts pictures of her modeling work. From her photos, it is evident that Elena likes to participate in bikini shoots and loves tropical locations. She has a perfectly toned body, and she works hard for it. Her most defining feature is her mesmerizing pair of cat eyes that make her look sexy and innocent simultaneously. She likes to keep her hair straight and at a medium length. Her job as a model is not easy as it requires her to look her best all the time. She has to follow a strict diet to maintain her curves and flawless skin, but Elena does not brag about it. She is someone who only shows her achievements to the world, never her struggles.

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She And Esteban Have The Perfect Drama-Free Fairytale

As for her relationship with Esteban, it is unclear how they met for the first time. They could have met anywhere, but fans will have to wait for one of them to talk about their relationship. However, people know that Esteban and Elena met in 2017 and began dating in 2018. Judging from their interactions, they seem like a perfectly healthy couple.

Throughout their ongoing relationship, Elena and Esteban have looked like a happy-go-lucky couple that is always smiling. Elena does not have the time to accompany her boyfriend for his F1 tournaments, but the media has spotted them on special events. They went together to the Plague Du Festival in Cannes festival in Prague. Elena and Esteban have also attended several Grand Prix weekends together. The media keeps following them because they look so cute together.

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One of the reasons why fans adore them is because they both have joyful personalities. Esteban and Elena like to live in the moment and focus on the small things in life. One look at their Instagram pictures will tell you that they do not care about appearing sophisticated to the public. They take funny pictures, make goofy faces and enjoy life to the fullest.

She Is An Ambivert

Unlike other WAGS of sports personalities, Elena does not display everything about her life on social media. On the contrary, she is also not a total introvert that hates interacting with her fans. Elena is an ambivert, which means that Elena is comfortable staying in and going out. She likes to interact with people and make new friends, but she does not get too close to people. Elena does not depend on her boyfriend to give her an identity. However, she also does not shy away from using her WAG status for her benefit. One can tell that Elena knows how to stay in the grey area in any situation.

Elena has several hobbies, and one of them includes travel and sports. When she has the time, Elena goes to the F1 stadium to support her boyfriend. She and Esteban frequently travel to different countries and enjoy recreational activities with their friends. Elena is lucky to have a boyfriend that supports her dream of traveling to exotic locations. One can only wonder how Elena handles responsibilities from her college and work with all that travel.

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