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Who Is Daniela Ospina? Meet The Ambitious, Successful, And Sporty ex-WAG Of James Rodriguez!

James Rodriguez is one ambitious footballer, so he is popular among the ladies. The professional football hunk once had the perfect woman by his side but lost her due to unavoidable circumstances. This article talks about James’ ex-wife – Daniela Ospina, the woman of many professions.

Her Family Values Ambition and Success

Daniela – the super-talented sportswoman, was born in September 1992. Hernan Ospina is her father, and Lucia Ramirez is her mother. Itagui, Antioquia, Columbia is her hometown. David Ospina, the football player, is her older brother. Daniela hails from a competitive and sporty family. David Ospina, her older brother, is a goalkeeper for both Napoli and the Columbian National Team.

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Many players do not achieve the same level of success as these two siblings in their athletic undertakings. Both grew up into professional athletes, achieving acclaim and fame for their outstanding ability in their respective sports.

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Despite The Divorce, She Remains Friends With Rodriguez

Daniela Ospina married Colombian and Bayern Munchen National Team member James Rodriguez. On the 24th of December, 2010, the pair married in a lavish ceremony. Their six-year marriage ended in July 2017, with the couple announcing their amicable divorce. Their reason was simple – Daniela did not want to move to Germany with the footballer because her business would suffer. Salome Rodriguez Ospina is their daughter, born in May 2013. Although Daniela is a remarkable woman in her own right, some regard her as the celebrity ex-wife, casting her in his shadow. However, this is not a position she intends to dwell in for long. From the time the couple divorced till now, there has been no mention of her dating anyone. If she is in a relationship, she keeps it personal and avoids discussing it on social media. Knowing her dynamic attitude, she is concentrating on her profession and raising her daughter.

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Daniela Believes In Education Through Life

After graduating from high school in Columbia, Ospina enrolled at the Grancolombiano Polytechnic University Institution. She decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration. In April 2016, the sportswoman completed all of the requirements and received her degree. She does not rely on her professional athletic career to support her financially. By earning a degree in business administration, she paved the way for building a separate profession.

She Is a True Businesswoman

Daniela Ospina has some professional modeling experience, despite it not being her first choice of career. She was a part of a few campaigns for the Brandfit Columbia sportswear line. The model also appeared in Joy Staz Jeans ads. It demonstrates that she comes from a broad background and is also a fashionista.

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She put her knowledge to good use in her business ventures. Danfive is the name of her athletic clothing line. Daniela began her clothes company on the internet, and she sells her products only through this medium.

She Loves Social Media and Entertainment

Thanks to her extroverted personality, Daniela loves social media. She is a very social person who communicates with her followers on social media and promotes her DanFive online sportswear brand. On social media, Daniela has over 5 million followers.

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Daniela has expertise in television, social media, athletics, and entrepreneurship. She was a host on Colombia’s “Caracol” television channel. The badminton star has also worked as a brand spokesperson for Nacar Makeup and was a guest on several Colombian television shows to talk about lifestyle and sports. Her appearance on the Colombian version of “Dances with the Stars” made her more popular. Daniela Ospina is a 27-year-old woman who has accomplished a great deal in her life. Ospina still has a lot of life ahead of her, and she is such a vibrant person that we can picture her climbing to the top of whatever endeavor she chooses. It is all thanks to her dedication and hard work that allowed Daniela to rise to the top.

We see the possibility for her to partake in several different professions while still playing professional volleyball. The world is her arena, and she possesses the desire, ambition, and intelligence to achieve great things. Daniela is one inspirational woman who is a perfect role model for young people worldwide.

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