Who is Crymson Rose? Unknown facts about CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend

Remember the young lady who was in the news when CeeDee Lamb got drafted by the Cowboys? The one who wanted to answer his phone for him but had it snatched back? That young lady is none other than Crymson Rose. This was back in 2020. It’s been over a year now, and the football player is still with her. This allows us the perfect excuse to profile this young woman. You should not miss this piece.

You should not miss this piece. – via Instagram

Biography of a naturally beautiful Okie

Crymson Rose was born on March 30, 1999, in Oklahoma, the USA. Her mum is a white woman named Lori who lives in the Sooner State whilst her dad, a black man, passed away on 17 November 2005. Crymson was raised by her mother and finished schooling in her hometown before going on to attend the University of Oklahoma. She is expected to graduate from university in 2021.

Do naturally beautiful girls even exist anymore? Looks like they do. – via Instagram

Crymson and CeeDee! – How and when did they meet?

The Louisiana born footballer attended the University of Oklahoma between 2017 and 2019. That’s where he met the beautiful Ms Rose. This was sometime after 2018 because Crymson was involved romantically with another athlete. Her previous high profile relationship put her in the spotlight, and our footballer didn’t mind the baggage she came with. He liked Crymson and asked her out. As someone who knew how to handle spoilt sportsmen, she was up for the challenge. Their relationship began.

Is Crymson Rose married to CeeDee Lamb? What about kids?

CeeDee’s career in the NFL has just begun, and Crymson is about to graduate university. This young couple is getting started with life but has each other’s backs.

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They’re getting to know each other and still have plenty to learn. Marriage could be on the cards in the future, but for now, CeeDee and Crymson Rose are just dating. They don’t have any kids either.

She’s busy keeping athletes off of her. No time for anything else now. – via Instagram

Who was the other athlete in Crymson Rose’s life?

This beauty has a way of attracting some of the best athletes out there. There’s something enamouring about her that attracts male athletes like insects to light. Crymson, who is a student at Oklahoma, used to date NBA star Trae Young before she even knew who CeeDee was. Trae was at the University of Oklahoma for just a year, and his relationship with Crymson ended when he was selected by the Mavs in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Ms Rose is quality. – via Instagram

Athletes like Crymson Rose. Period.

Crymson has had to walk the tightrope with her love life, thanks to her naturally beautiful looks. She has to be extra careful with how she handles everything as well because this young lady cannot do anything to stop male athletes from being interested in her. One such incident did really happen. Justin “Jets” Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings sent her a DM on Instagram. Crymson grabbed a screenshot and posted the message on her story. She even added a patronising “Aww” to the post. That’s one way of doing things, and given everything, we think Crymson handled it pretty well. The only thing that she has to worry about now is about keeping her defences up all the time.

Crymson just loves answering phones. Plus, she’s a helpful person as well. Lucky CeeDee. – via Instagram

Who is Crymson Rose as a person?

A loyal woman who doesn’t like betraying people, this young lady is a rational being. She is not greedy at all and always wants to help. Just ask CeeDee. Crymson Rose is also perceived as a warm and sensitive individual. This woman has been lucky not to fall victim to predatory individuals out there. 

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