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Who Is Cristina Barnea? Meet The Stunning Wife Of Aroldis Chapman!

Cristina Barnea Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayAugust 18th
Place of BirthN.A.
ResidencySouth Florida, USA
BoyfriendAroldis Chapman
JobEntrepreneur, Realtor
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorN.A.
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Cristina Barnea Biography

Alberto Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz is a bullpen pitcher for the New York Yankees of MLB. His past teams were the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs. In addition, this Cuban-born American played for the Holguin team. Furthermore, this Cuban Missile pitched in Cuban league play and for the Cuban national baseball team in international competition. Because of his outstanding performance, this Cuban Flame Thrower was honored with the MLB Delivery Man of the Month Award in July 2012. In addition, he was selected to play for the National League All-Star squad for four consecutive years, from 2012.

The record for the fastest recorded pitch speed and the Guinness World Record for the fastest baseball pitch is held by Chapman. Chapman has been dating Cristina Barnea for many years. This stunning woman, who is also the doting mother of a sweet little princess, is undoubtedly one of the gorgeous wags. Given how little we know about her, let’s see what we can find out here.

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There Are Highs And Lows In Cristina And Chapman’s Relationship

Not much information is known about how this couple first got together, although it is likely that Chapman was hunting for a house when they first crossed paths. Internet sites thought that they had a meeting since Cristina was a realtor and she worked at that time. Around the same time in 2014, they began a romantic relationship and eventually moved in together. Unfortunately, we can’t find any evidence that they were married. Angelina Cristina Chapman was born to the couple on 25 June 2015, and they named their baby after Angelina.

Sadly, there have been some bumps on the road in their relationship, such as the time Cristina had to call 911 due to domestic violence committed by her boyfriend, Chapman; nevertheless, no criminal charges have been brought against Chapman. Despite the harsh confrontations that have occurred in the past, it is hoped that this duo is now occupied with their own life. In addition, it is unknown whether or not they are still together.

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Cristina Is An Aspiring Entrepreneur

This stunningly beautiful woman works as a real estate agent in South Florida with KW Legacy. Broward College awarded her a degree in Criminal Justice, and she pursued a career in the field. She believes that the real estate industry is an art form. Barnea caters her services to the specific requirements of each of her clients, always with the end goal in mind of presenting them with the house of their dreams and developing long-term connections. Cristina is a perfect example of beauty with brains.

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Cristina Has A Busy Instagram Feed

Cristina frequently uses social media. Angelina is Cristina andΒ  Chapman’s adorable baby, and Cristina loves posting images of her on her Instagram account. Additionally, she has 61K followers. Because Cristina is of Latin American descent, a good portion of her postings is written in that language. The stunning photographs that Cristina has taken of her demonstrate her unique sense of style. Her accessories are the icing on the cake for her well-put-together look.

Cristina Is Supportive Of Her Athlete Boyfriend

This influential woman is seldom seen apart from her partner and often attends his events. Looking over her Instagram page, it is clear that both the mother and daughter combo cheered Chapman on in person during his games.

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Cristina Is Breathtaking Beauty

There is no question that wags are beautiful; this is a well-known fact. However, Cristina stands out from the rest of the group. This stunning woman has several wonderful attributes from her gym routine and active workouts. According to several images uploaded on Instagram, her beauty has been kept to such an extraordinary degree that she does not look like a mother. In addition, her dark black hair suits her appearance and style.

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It is unknown how they first connected, but it is clear from the images that this stunning pair is in love with one another. Despite their relationship’s allegations or controversy, the two form a stunning pair. We hope Cristina and Chapman will continue to share their lives together.

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