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Who Is Claudia Schattenberg? Meet The Beautiful German Wife Of Philipp Lahm!

Claudia Schattenberg Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthGermany
BoyfriendPhilipp Lahm
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Claudia Schattenberg Biography

Philipp Lahm is a successful figure in the football world. He has also written an autobiography about his football career. He lives life to the fullest with his family. His football career has inspired several people. It has also drawn criticism from some experts.

This article is about a unique person in his life. The name of this person is Claudia Schattenberg, and she is the wife of this famous footballer. The media does not have much information about this individual because she keeps her life private. Despite her reserved nature, this article has summarized available information about her life with Philipp.

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She Has Beautiful German Features

The first thing people notice about Claudia is her beautiful physical appearance. She has mesmerizing blue eyes and blond hair. Her tresses frame her small face perfectly. She has an innocent aura around her. Claudia does not apply heavy make-up to look pretty. She has naturally clear skin. Her blond hair suits her light complexion.

She has also maintained her figure with daily exercise and a healthy diet. Claudia ensures to feed her family plenty of nutritious food, which keeps them healthy. She also looks after her mental well-being. Her diet and exercise regimes make her look youthful even at an old age. Her physical features are enough to make any girl jealous.

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Claudia Met Her Husband As A Teenager

Claudia and Philipp have a long history of friendship and romance. They met when they were 16. However, the location and context of their meeting remain unclear. Claudia and Philipp started as friends looking out for each other. They offered support to each other during their careers. Claudia ensured to make Philipp feel loved and cared for throughout their relationship. They never encountered any issues in their relationship. Such an excellent partnership is rare among couples in the football world.

They Dated Two Years After Dating

After spending a lot of time as friends, Claudia and Philipp began dating in 2008. They did not realize that they had fallen in love over the years. Their dating life was also smooth because there were no obstacles in their romance. Two years after dating, they tied the knot on July 14, 2010. Their wedding took place in Aying, a beautiful Munich suburb. They followed a Bavarian fashion during their ceremony. It was a private affair, but the internet has several pictures from the event. A friend and fellow footballer of Philipp Lahm, Andreas Ottl, attended the highly anticipated event. He was the only footballer to attend their wedding.

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Claudia Is A Traditional German

Claudia has a unique taste in fashion and jewelry. She proudly wears traditional German attire. Her fashion sense is a breath of fresh air in the world of minimalistic style. She loves to layer her outfits. She is unafraid to represent German culture and fashion in public too. Her love for her culture is a quality worth appreciating in their world.

She Does Not Own An Instagram Account

There is an Instagram account with her name, but it does not seem like it belongs to her. Claudia is a private person who does not like to share her life with strangers. There are no articles about her family or siblings. Claudia has never spoken to the media about her personal life. She may have a private Instagram account, but nobody knows about it.

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Philipp sometimes posts photos of his family on his Instagram account. He has only a few pictures of Claudia on his account. Claudia is a lucky woman because her husband respects her wish to remain away from the spotlight.

Her Employment Details Are Hidden

Claudia may be an employed woman, but nobody knows about her status. She does not need to work because she has a financially secure future. Claudia looks after her two children – Julian and Lenia. The three of them often go hiking with Philipp. Philipp always ensures not to show their face in his pictures.

Philipp and Claudia are lucky individuals because they found each other. They have supported each other in every stage of life. One can assume that Claudia and Philipp will live happily ever after.

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