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Who Is Chelsie Kyriss? Meet The Former Lover Of Antonio Brown!

Chelsie Kyriss Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdaySeptember 1st, 1989
Place of BirthSpringboro, Ohio, United States
ResidencyMiami, United States
JobDesigner, Works in Real Estate
Height1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Sister / BrotherShe has one brother named Christopher Kyriss
Father & MotherHer parents’ names are Todd Kyriss and Lynn Kyriss
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$200 thousand

Chelsie Kyriss Biography

Antonio Brown is a well-known person in the NFL community. He is famous for his skills in every tournament. People also know him due to his escapades with various women. He is a flirtatious man with a history of dating beautiful women. One of these was Chelsie Kyriss. Unlike the other women in his life, he had a long-term relationship with Chelsie Kyriss. Chelsie and Antonio also have three kids together and an amicable relationship. Unfortunately, NFL fans do not know a lot about this lovely woman. This article will summarize all the details about Chelsie Kyriss.

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Chelsie Kyriss Is The Definition Of Sexiness

Chelsie Kyriss has Kardashian-like looks that make her appear sexy. She is a fashionable woman with a bold and outgoing attitude. Her dark hair and dark eyes complement her light complexion. She has also maintained her healthy figure throughout the years.

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It is hard to tell that she is a mother of 3 just by looking at her. She has maintained her youthful looks through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Chelsie Had An On And Off Relationship With Antonio

Chelsie and Antonio had several breakups throughout their relationship. It seems like every little problem bothered them and affected their relationship. They had opposite personalities, due to which they did not get along with each other all the time. However, they stayed together for the sake of their children. They wanted their children to have both their parents. It is why they did not split up for a long time. However, their relationship did not work out despite their best efforts. Chelsie and Antonio communicate every day to update each other about their children. They maintain a healthy friendship with boundaries and regulations. They still have some love for each other. One cannot tell if their breakup is permanent.

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Chelsie Is A Highly Educated Woman

Chelsie has attended Springboro High School, Sinclair Community college, and Georgia Perimeter College. She was a diligent student in her school and college.

She always finished her work on time. Going to college allowed her to develop a disciplined work ethic.

Chelsie loved going to school and college to educate herself on different topics. She was always serious about her education and career. The best part about this woman was that she never gave up her aspirations to pursue love. She tried her best to achieve her dreams. Chelsie has become a successful and celebrated woman in the NFL community. Every NFL fan knows about her and her story with her husband.

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Chelsie Loves Real Estate And Designing

Chelsie has an active Instagram account, where she updates her fans about her life. In her Instagram bio, she has mentioned that she works in real estate and design. One can tell that she has a keen eye for detail and beauty. Chelsie can take any home and turn it into a paradise using her design skills.

She also loves to hunt for new real estate. Her clients are always happy with her work. She gives her best every time she deals with a client. Chelsie treats every day as a challenge and hopes to deliver the best performance.

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She Is Not A Big Fan Of Social Media

Most WAGs love to post several pictures on their social media accounts. Chelsie is not among them because her Instagram profile has a few pictures. She does not like to involve her fans in every aspect of her life. She loves to have her space and privacy due to the scandals related to her ex-boyfriend. Her on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend brings a lot of attention to her life. However, Chelsie is not a fan of unwanted attention from NFL fans.

Chelsie and Antonio have had a long relationship with each other. Several people in the NFL community automatically associate the two of them. Chelsie has a significant presence in the life of the NFL player. She deserves all the love in the world because she is a hardworking and kind-hearted individual. Chelsie has not mentioned if she is looking for someone else in her life. Hopefully, she will find the love of a life that does not drag her into unwanted drama.

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