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Who is Carolina Calvagni ? Know More About Calvagni the girlfriend of Nicolàs Tagliafico!

Carolina Calvagni Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthArgentina
ResidencyAmsterdam, the Netherlands
BoyfriendNicolàs Tagliafico
Height1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Weight49 kg (108 lbs)
TattoosCarolina currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherCarolina has a brother named Gaston and a sister called Cami.
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$100,000

Carolina Calvagni Biography

She follows him on his football tours and is seen cheering him on as he slays the field. Her name is Carolina Calvagni and we’ll learn a few facts about her life as the footballer’s significant other.

Nicolàs Tagliafico has been making the news with his outstanding performance on the field. Having earned several trophies throughout his football career, it looks like the sportsman is in the primes of his life. However, the best part is that since the last five years, Tagliafico has been enjoying the company of a gorgeous woman.

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Calvagni’s background

Popular for her self-titled instagram account, Caro Calvagni boasts of a net worth of $100,000 – $1M as of 2021. She began dating the famous footballer five years ago and they are still very much in love, evident from their social media posts. The couple lives together in their Amsterdam home with their two dogs. The gorgeous 33 year old model was formerly a hockey player. Her passion for hockey is still alive as she plays with her friends every once in a while.

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Her Picture-Perfect Romance With Nicolàs

She entered the world of modelling and rose to success in the competitive beauty industry, thanks to her sought-after Argentinian features. Her athletic and stunning figure helped her thrive in the modelling world even at a seemingly old age for it. Her and Tagliafico went viral for a cheeky incident in 2016. They were having a kick-off at a resort in Cancun and the footballer fouled her by kicking her leg, making them both tumble. Caro left a funny comment saying, “Hahaha, he forgets he’s playing with a woman.” You can still find the hilarious video in Caro’s instagram page.

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Ever since and even before this incident, Caro and Nicolàs have been posting about their love lives on social media. The couple has been vacationing in Dubai since 12th May, sharing love and happiness with their followers on instagram. The couple own two little dogs, who are light of their world. Galo and Indi make occasional appearances on their instagram pages. Their powerful relationship has garnered a fanbase over the years, making people wish that they had a love life as good as them.

Glamourous And Wholesome Life

Caro seems like a beach lover as her social media is filled with pictures depicting the exotic lifestyle by the sea.  She is also enthusiastic about her bikini modelling as she is seen posting a ton of pictures flaunting her beautiful, hard-earned figure in sexy bikinis.

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Because Caro and Nicolàs are both associated with sports, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for them. They follow fitness routines together and encourage their audience to adopt health conscious living as well. While Caro does not show an extensive amount of her exercise regimes, her strong yet feminine, curvy stature makes it evident that Calvagni follows a disciplined gym schedule.

However, her beauty is not entirely a result of her diet and gymming, a lot of credit goes to the genetic lottery. It is clear where Calvagni’s beauty came from. Her mother, Vivi Aguirre has done an excellent job at maintaining her physique.

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Caro has a close relationship with her family and siblings, who share a slight resemblance with her. Her mother often posts about her children on social media, appreciating them and their successes and reminiscing their past memories. Moreover, Tagliafico himself seems to share a close bond with his girlfriend’s family.

Their pictures date back to pre-corona times (it feels like an entirely different time) and show the whole family in celebratory and happy times. The colourful bunch also seems to love dogs as her mother’s instagram includes media of their beautiful,canine pets. Caro has two siblings – a brother and a sister, both of whom often appear on her mother’s instagram handle. Anyone who wants to see the pictures of Caro as a child should head over to her mother’s instagram page.

The Supportive Siblings

Her brother, Gaston Calvagni, runs a car wash service but does not focus as much on his personal instagram account. He joins Caro in fiercely supporting Tagliafico’s football career. Her sister, Cami Calvagni, has a private instagram account, but she does her part in promoting Carol’s modelling career by tagging a clothing store in her bio. Caro has been modelling for them for years, evident from some of her posts.

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Like most of us, Carolina Calvagni loves to live a drama-free, smooth life with the football king by her side. It’s safe to say that her fulfilling life sets an example for many people.

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