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Who is Ashlyn Buckner? Interesting details about DeForest Buckner’s wife

How well do you know the beautiful wife of NFL Defensive Tackle DeForest Buckner? We think not a lot. That’s why you should continue reading this article. You’ll get to know everything about Ashlyn Buckner, the other half of the ballplayer.

The better half of Buckner. The best thing to have happened to him. – via Instagram

Biography of a University of Oregon Alum

Ashlyn Marie Shebelut was born on August 5, 1996, to Shannon and Lance Shebelut in Fresno, California. This young lady grew up in the area along with her two siblings. Ashlyn attended and graduated from Clovis North Educational Center in 2012. This ambitious young lady enrolled at the University of Oregon after that. She pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business and successfully completed it. Ashlyn earned her degree in 2016.

Ashlyn used to be a cheerleader in college. She had the body and the moves. – via Instagram

Ashlyn and Deforest Buckner? How and when did they meet?

By now, you know Ashlyn attended the University of Oregon. As an avid football fan, you must also be aware of the fact that DeForest Buckner studied there as well. 2015 was an excellent year for this player. Not only did he win the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Award, but he also got to meet the love of his life. Ashlyn, a member of her university’s cheerleading squad, was introduced to Buckner by her cheerleading teammate Shane. Shane happens to be Buckner’s friend.

What a lovely smile. Only bettered by Sheldon Cooper. We don’t think that’s Shane. – via Instagram

What happened after their meeting?

Ashlyn and DeForest Buckner hit it off as soon as they met. However, the young lovers were about to get started with their senior year in college. Love took a backseat. Buckner’s NFL ambitions got in the way as well. Ashlyn, the California native, wasn’t interested in moving too far away from home. As luck would have it, Buckner was drafted as the 7th overall pick by the 49ers. Ashlyn and Deforest Buckner’s relationship wasn’t ending any time soon. The couple moved in together, and yes, you guessed what’s coming next. However, nobody knows what would have happened had he been drafted east of Texas.

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Mum and dad approved of Ashlyn’s relationship with the football player. – via Instagram

DeForest Buckner’s subsequent marriage to Ashlyn and their kids

The football player was quite eager with Ashlyn from the beginning. The moment she fit in with his family, he knew that she was the one for him. Buckner decided to ask her the big question in 2017. He bought a ring for Ashlyn in July that year but chose to wait till November to propose. Buckner did it whilst holidaying in Napa. Ashlyn said yes, and they decided to marry in July 2018. The wedding was held at a church in Hawaii. They also had a massive reception at the beach that included 250 guests. Things turned out better than expected for Ashlyn and her husband. The lovebirds welcomed their first child, a son named Dominic George, on 24 April 2020. 

Ashlyn could be a cheerleader today if she wanted to. She’s still got the looks. – via Instagram

Ashlyn Buckner – Who is she as a person?

Mrs Buckner is a lady who understands life perfectly. She’s far mature than she looks and knows what she wants from life. Although Ashlyn is a daring soul, she knows her limits and makes sure that she doesn’t cross them. This beautiful mum is a little shy when meeting new people and takes her time warming up. Don’t expect her to turn her world upside down for you. With Ashlyn Buckner, you’ve got to earn your way into her heart. Ashlyn also doesn’t trust people easily. She’s a realistic soul, and this WAGs life could be a model for women out there. If you want it to be. 

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