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Who Is Anna Congdon? Meet The Beautiful WAG Of Saquon Barkley!

Anna Congdon Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJune 6th, 1998
Place of BirthForest City, Pennsylvania, United States
ResidencyUnited States
BoyfriendSaquon Barkley
JobInstagram Star
Height1.65 m (5 ft 6 in)
Sister / BrotherShe has one sister named Cassidy Congdon and one brother named, Dann Congdon
Father & MotherHer parents’ names are Kathleen Congdon and Daniel Congdon
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Anna Congdon Biography

Saquon Barkley is among the best football players in America. He has given his best performance in every game. Understanding the match strategy and using it to his advantage is his unique quality. His girlfriend is Anna Congdon, a beautiful girl famous in the football community. Most people do not know about this exciting woman.

There are several interesting facts about her life. This article will tell you all about the famous WAG – Anna Congdon.

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Anna Congdon Looks Like A World-Class Model

Golden blonde, tall and slim – these are the perfect words to describe Anna Congdon. Anna looks like a model and acts like one. She has won the genetic lottery, evident from her beautiful hair and eyes.

Her hair has a flaming golden shine. It is lustrous and straight. However, Anna Congdon likes to curl it sometimes. She has ensured to keep her tresses healthy and pretty. Her hair is long, making her look like a princess.

Anna Congdon also has mesmerizing blue eyes. Her light, clear skin compliments her eye color. Anna Congdon can make anyone fall in love with her beauty. Unsurprisingly, a famous footballer fell for her.

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Anna Loves Fashion And Makeup

Anna Congdon is a WAG who loves fashion and glamor. She wears different dresses to stand out. Her fashion sense is spot-on, making her look her best in all events. Congdon always looks presentable and pretty in public and online. People leave several comments on her posts on Instagram, appreciating her beauty.

Anna also understands the art of makeup. However, she keeps her makeup to a minimum. It is because she loves to flaunt her natural, clear skin. The key to her healthy skin and doll-like physical features is an excellent diet.

Anna Is A Fitness And Diet Freak

Most WAGs remain diligent about their diet and lifestyle. Anna Congdon is not different than them because she spends a lot of time making herself look pretty. Like other WAGs, Anna exercises a lot. She spends time devising the perfect workout plan for her body.

Anna also loves to keep a healthy diet. She prevents herself from eating junk food that would affect her beauty. Her diet is all organic and natural. A nutritious diet of vegetables and fruits keeps her youthful.

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Anna Is A Studious Girl

Anna loves fashion, makeup, and fitness. However, she does not have shallow interests in life. The beautiful woman has attended school for nursing. She has a degree to become a nurse. Many sources claim that Anna Congdon met the love of her life at Penn State University. They hit it off immediately. Nothing stood in their way of love. They dated a fell in love in no time.

Congdon loves to read about her subjects. She has the thirst to gain knowledge about different topics. Her curious nature has made her successful in life. Anna Congdon loves to collect information about several areas in her subject.

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Congdon Is An Excellent Model

Anna Congdon has built a career in the modeling industry.

The gorgeous blonde is a self-made model on Instagram. Her account has tons of followers that shower her with love and affection.

She has worked with famous brands like Savage x Fenty. However, she did not pursue a career as a runway model. Congdon could enter the high-fashion industry brimming with glamor. However, she does not prefer to have too much public attention. She actively models on Instagram and remains satisfied with her achievements. It would be unsurprising if Anna Congdon entered the fashion industry and became a runway model.

Barkley and Congdon are boyfriend and girlfriend. They have not expressed plans to get married. However, it does not undermine the intensity of their commitment. They have stuck with each other through thick and thin. They support each other to achieve all the goals.

They are also not afraid to express their love and affection for each other. Anna and her boyfriend are nothing short of a match made in heaven. Anna supports him with all her heart. Barkley is lucky to have a girlfriend like Anna. Hopefully, this couple will preserve their love in the future.

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