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Who Is Andrea Perez? Meet The Gorgeous, Spanish WAG Of Kepa Arrizabalaga!

Andrea Perez Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthSpain
BoyfriendKepa Arrizabalaga
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Andrea Perez Biography

This article has all the facts and information about the gorgeous Andrea Perez, the loyal girlfriend of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Kepa Arrizabalaga is among the most handsome footballers in the industry. Girls go crazy over his youthful looks and wish to be his other halves. However, Kepa is already in a loving relationship for nearly a decade. His significant other is a beautiful girl that always moves away from the limelight.

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Their Love Story Is Almost A Decade Old

Kepa and Andrea began dating several years ago when they were in their teenage years. The two of them instantly hit it off due to their similar fun-loving personalities. Throughout the years, Andrea and Kepa went to several locations to enjoy their vacations, due to which they became closer than before. Before he rose to fame, Kepa posted several photos and him and Andrea on his Instagram account. The world first came to know about the cute couple in 2014, when Kepa uploaded a picture of him sitting close to Andrea. The media was unsure what to make of the photos until their snaps confirmed the romance. The couple has gone together to Tulum, Mexico, posing in front of the ruins of Tulum. They also visited the pyramid in Yucatan, a city in Mexico. In 2014, Kepa posted several pictures of his girlfriend, but she kept her account private. It is unknown when she made her Instagram account public, but she opened up the attention.

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They Had A Brief Break-Up

Unfortunately, the couple split sometime in early 2020, affecting the footballer’s performance on the field. Fans and media blamed the innocent Andrea for his declining form, but Andrea kept calm and moved away from the spotlight. At this point, the couple had deleted each other’s photos from social media and unfollowed each other. People do not know for sure, but Andrea and Kepa patched up later and are in love right now. Recently, Andrea blamed Edouard Mendy for the declining performance of her boyfriend. Irrespective of the game, break-up, and everything in between, Andrea knows how to support her boyfriend.

Andrea Has An Outgoing, Loud Character

Andrea has an adventurous personality, much like her boyfriend. She has a loving, nurturing aura that is perfect for supporting a footballer like Kepa. Perez likes to explore different places and has several friends that are more than happy to accompany her. Andrea may look like a delicate porcelain doll, but she has an affinity for high-energy sports. Perez and her friends go mountain climbing, trekking, and hiking in the scenic Spanish wilderness. However, her favorite locations are all near the beach because she gets to flaunt her sexy figure.

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She Is Not Afraid To Speak Up

Andrea works hard to maintain her body and perfect skin by adhering to a strict diet and exercise plan. She does not post her hard work on Instagram, but her flawless, no-makeup skin tells everything. Perez is a talkative person who is open about her feelings and opinions, due to which she has a large social circle. Undoubtedly, Andrea Perez was the popular girl at school that excelled in sports and beauty contests. She is not afraid to raise her voice when needed, even if it offends other people. Her headstrong attitude attracted the footballer but also led to their break up. Fortunately, the two sorted things out and got back together. Her vocal personality recently offended the wife of Edouard Mendy, but Andrea does not care.

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She Loves The Outdoors

Her hobbies include everything from sports and beauty to arts, but she likes to stay outdoors. Andrea Perez prefers to be out, enjoying the fresh air with her family and friends. Her strength lies in her ability to bounce back after a failure or fallout. It is why Andre was able to move on from the brief break-up faster than her boyfriend.

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Fights keep happening between normal couples, and Andrea and her boyfriend are no different. The significant part is that they were able to move past their differences and begin a fresh start. Andrea and Kepa do not showcase their relationship to the public nowadays, ensuring that fans and media stay away. They are focusing on their careers right now, trying to make it big in their respective industries. Even though Andrea never revealed her education or job status, it is safe to say that she is an independent woman.


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