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Who Is Alexandra Bombshell? Meet The Instagram Superstar Girlfriend Of Josh Jacobs!

Alexandra Bombshell Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthUnited States
ResidencyLos Angeles, United States
BoyfriendJosh Jacobs
JobInstagram Model
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Alexandra Bombshell Biography

Josh Jacobs is well known for his skills in American football. He has several fans worldwide, but most of them are in America. He is an excellent football player who does not back down unless he gets what he wants. Josh has been in the news for several reasons. He has gained a lot of attention due to his sexy girlfriend, Alexandra. It is all thanks to her WAG status. People do not have much information about this model because she keeps her life private. This article has organized all the details about Alexandra Bombshell.

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She Looks Like A Bombshell

Alexander could not use a more accurate term to describe herself. She is incredibly sexy due to her figure and her hair. It is long, black, and straight. She often keeps it open. People love her long hair because it looks healthy. She sometimes ties it up in a ponytail and creates different hairstyles. They all look good on her.

Alexander has a very sexy face due to her perfect eyes and lips. Her eyes are brown and expressive. She also puts on a lot of makeup to accentuate her looks. Her makeup is always flawless because she likes to put her best foot forward in fashion and makeup. She has a perfectly symmetrical face, due to which all hairstyles look good on her. Alexandra is lucky to be so beautiful.

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The most stunning feature of Alexandra is her sexy body. She works out a lot to maintain her figure. She has the perfect hourglass shape with healthy-looking physic. She is not a slim woman, but she has all the curves in the right places. Alexandra likes to flaunt her figure wearing different outfits. All the clothes look good on her due to her curvy figure. Alexandra enjoys eating nutritious food to maintain her youthful looks.

She Has An Obsession With Fashion And Luxury

Alexandra has a personality similar to several WAGs. She is an Instagram model with a lot of followers. Her attitude is similar to other celebrities in liking luxury and fashion. She cannot get enough of high-end fashion brands. She is always spending money on classy things, and she is not afraid to flaunt them.

This WAG loves luxurious and fashionable items that make her beautiful. Alexandra ensures to always look her best on every occasion. She does not like to make compromises when it comes to her looks. Her straightforward nature about her likes and dislikes is something her boyfriend loves most about her. She often visits the football stadium wearing the most expensive outfits.

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Alexandra ensures to dress in a way that stands out in public. She likes to be the center of attention like any other model. Her modeling career skyrocketed after she met her footballer boyfriend. Alexandra can give up anything in life except fashion.

She Is An Extrovert And A Party Princess

Alexandra lives like a princess surrounded by all the luxuries in the world. However, she does not hesitate to party with strangers. She often goes out with her friends to have a blast in the club. Life is all about having fun for this Instagram star.

Alexandra likes to meet new people and make friends. She has a large social circle, which includes celebrities. She has chatted with a lot of famous people in life. It is all thanks to her boyfriend. She does not hesitate to approach new people when she wants friends. However, people usually come to her because she is a model.

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She Is A Private Individual

Alexandra likes to talk to strangers but does not reveal many details about her life. She has a public Instagram account, but she does not share any information about her family members. She has also not been open about her educational details. Her life revolves around her career and her boyfriend.

Alexandra is lucky to have met Josh. They complement each other’s personalities. They have the same goals in life. They want to achieve greatness in their careers. They both have similar personalities and uncompromising attitudes. They are perfect for each other. Hopefully, this relationship will work out in the long term.

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