Who is Peter Thum? Meet the lovely husband of Cara Buono

Peter Thum Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of Birththe USA
ResidencyNew York, the USA
WifeCara Buono
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight74 kg (163 lbs)
TattoosPeter doesn’t have any tattoos.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorHazel
Net Worth (approx.)$5 Million

As someone who began her career with Dream Street on the telly in 1989, Cara Buono has come a long way since. This American actress is well-known for her roles in popular television programmes such as Mad Men, Stranger Things, and The Sopranos. What was it that led to her accomplishing so much in her career and in life? Well, the fact that she is married to a gentleman named Peter Thum has certainly had a positive impact on her life. Let’s take a closer look at Peter Thum’s life.

The conspiracy gang is going to have a field day. If you know, you know. – via Instagram

The man with a giant heart!

Peter Thum is a serial entrepreneur who takes his responsibility to society rather seriously. This man has been involved in projects that have aimed to better the lives of humans in some of the most impoverished regions of the world. His first project was Ethos Water which invested funds from the business in safe water projects. This was way back in 2001-02. After selling the company to Starbucks in 2005, Peter came back even stronger this time around.

Peter Thum buys guns!

But not for reasons you think. This gentleman buys AK47s and turns them into jewellery and art. They even make watches with those gun parts. His company is called Fonderie47 and the guns he purchases are mostly AK47s from war zones in Africa. He claims that he has managed to take out over 70,000 guns from the hands of people in Africa. He hasn’t stopped just there. This businessman also has a brand named Liberty United that focuses on stopping gun violence in the USA.

When Peter talks, the world listens. – via Instagram

Peter Thum and Cara Buono’s relationship

On a flight from Los Angeles, California, Buono and Thum had their first encounter when they were seated next to each other. This was in 2007. They grew close and became friends before beginning to date in 2008 as they got to know one another better. However, these two didn’t need a lot of time before they realised that they had something special. Cara knew she had a gem on her hands, and when Peter asked her the question, she said yes gleefully. The two of them tied the knot in New York on the 12th of July 2009.

Peter couldn’t have asked for a better match for himself. Cara is just perfect in every way. – via Instagram

Does Cara Buono have any kids with Peter Thum?

Although they married rather quickly, Peter and Cara waited for a while before having a child. These New Yorkers welcomed a baby girl named EsmΓ© on the 19th of October, 2013. Cara and Peter do not have any other kids as of writing. They’re pretty happy with EsmΓ© and have made sure that she grows up in the best of environments.

Do not for a second think that Peter does this for the accolades. He genuinely cares. – via Instagram

Unknown Facts About Peter Thum

  • Although Peter sold his company (Ethos Water) to Starbucks for $8 million in 2005, he remained with the company until 2008 to see that the project was heading in the right direction.
  • Peter holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University. He also has a BA degree from Claremont McKenna College.
  • Did you know that Peter used to work for McKinsey & Company? He was employed by Gallo Winery too.
  • Did you know that Peter Thum received the Disruptive Innovation Award in April 2012 from the Disruptor Foundation and the Tribeca Film Festival?
  • He was also honoured with the Children’s Home & Aid of Illinois’ For the Love of Children award in 2017.

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