Who is Matt? Facts about Murray Bartlett’s partner

Matt Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthUnknown
PartnerMurray Bartlett
InstagramHe’s not on social media.
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
Net Worth (approx.)Unknown

The actor who plays Armand in The White Lotus has never once opened up about his relationships. But we got wind of the fact that he was seeing a man named Matt. In this post, we’ll be looking at him. Do read on if you’d like to know more. 

If man w***e was a person, it’d be dressed like this and call itself Murray. Do you not agree? – via Instagram

Can gay men be jealous types?

We didn’t know that this was even a thing in the gay community. Well, the idea of monogamy isn’t exclusive to heterosexual couples, and gay men tend to be over-sensitive when it comes to their partners. Most do not like the idea of sharing their partners, and Matt happens to be with one such person. Murray Bartlett has never spoken about Matt in public or has even revealed who he is. This could stem from the thought that Matt’s probably too good for him. Talk about jealousy in gay couples, and their names come to our minds first.

Matt lets things slide!

You would’ve thought that this was Matt. But you’d be wrong. Murray is on a mission to hide his partner from the world. We’re not sure why. – via Instagram

Sorry about that. We didn’t mean to say that intentionally. Anyway, this man is with a Hollywood celebrity who has a wild side to him. Murray might not look like one, but if you watch closely, you’ll understand that the actor has no intention of being a loyal partner. He flirts with just about anyone he lays his eyes on. Matt, however, doesn’t seem to mind this one bit. He’s very accommodating to the point that he never talks about Murray’s behaviour or confronts him in any way.

Bottoms up, Matt.

The idea behind this relationship is that Matt and Murray Bartlett enjoy a mutually beneficial thing and are equals in every aspect. However, we do know that equality is a myth and that it doesn’t exist in the truest sense. Matt, from what we know, is playing second fiddle and has numerous concerns that he’d like to address. However, he hasn’t been provided with an opportunity to do so. We’re not sure if this is Murray’s doing or if Matt was not really the talkative kind. Drowning oneself in alcohol might seem like a good short-term fix, but Matt knows that this isn’t the answer.

Could Matt still be in the closet?

Does Murray value Matt as much as he does his mutt? This question needs to be answered. – via Instagram

For all we know, this man could still be in the closet. He probably wanted to try something out with Murray before going public. What’s wrong with Matt, though? Does he not understand that the world has been desensitised to the idea of homosexuality? Nobody cares if you’re gay or not anymore. The lines have been blurred, and we don’t think we’re going to go back to the olden days. Matt should not have any problems when he comes out, should he?

Unknown Facts About Matt

Murray Bartlett’s relationships are always private. The fact that we know Matt exists is the biggest revelation yet. Everything else about Matt is unknown at this point. So, if you haven’t heard anything from us in the future, you can be certain that it’s conjecture.

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