Who is Piper Billups? Interesting details about the wife of Chauncey Billups

Piper Billups Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of Birththe United States of America
ResidencyPortland, Oregon, the United States
HusbandChauncey Billups
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
TattoosPiper currently has no known tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth (approx.)$15 Million

Piper Billups Biography

Piper Billups, Chauncey’s wife, has remained by his side for the entirety of his NBA career and beyond. Join us as we unpack her life for you.

Piper looks piping hot in her jumpsuit. – via Instagram

Biography of an American realtor

Piper Billups was born in Denver, Colorado, in the late 70s. This Black woman has decided to keep details about her birth family private for now. She finished her schooling at Denver’s George Washington High School before she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Metropolitan State College of Denver. 

Piper and Chauncey Billups – How and when did they meet?

According to reports, the pair met at the George Washington High school back in the mid-1990s. But according to Piper, she had already met Chauncey at a family BBQ when she was 15. They even hung out virtually every day after that. 

Supporting her man through during the worst time of his life

Chauncey had it rough when a rape allegation was levied against him in 1997. He was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, and it had to be one of the most regretful moments of his life. A civil lawsuit was filed, and the player settled it in 2000, but Piper didn’t let this allegation come between her and the man she loves. She trusted him and believed that he had a lapse in judgement then. Piper Billups also hoped that it would just be a one-time thing. Chauncey cleared up his act and understood what was important in life. He realised that he’d be foolish to through it all away.

She was with her man at his worst. Piper deserves the best now. – via Instagram

Chauncey Billups’ marriage to Piper

When the dust had settled from the storm that Chauncey was caught up in, he began focusing on his game and also his love life.

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Piper became the centre of his life. He even asked her the question, to which she said yes. By July of 2001, they had sorted out everything and were married. The couple breathed a sigh of relief when they finally got hitched. They had it rough, and it was quite natural for Piper to feel the way she did.

Work takes second place in this woman’s life. – via Instagram

Piper and Chauncey Billups and their kids

Piper Billups has three kids with the basketball coach. Cydney, Ciara, and Cenaiya are Billups’ three daughters. 1997 was a bittersweet year for this family because Cydney, their first daughter, was born in 1997. She is a soccer player and a Sports Management major at the University of Texas. Billups helped her teams to three top-eight finishes at the ECNL Nationals throughout her club career with the Colorado Rush and Real Colorado (second in 2013 and third in 2015). In 50 games, she managed to score 26 goals and provide 10 assists. Ciara was their second child. She has a godfather who happens to be former NBA champion, Kevin Garnett. Not much is known about Cenaiya, though.

Piper Billups’ occupation! – What does she do for a living now?

Thanks to Piper, Chauncey found stability in his life. – via Instagram

Although she was married to a basketball star, Piper always pursued her dreams. She has a love for architecture and works as a realtor with a Denver based firm. Piper Billups had every reason in the world to live a chilled life, but this woman pursued her passions and is still going strong. She might have a husband who is popular and has done well for himself and his family. But that didn’t stop her from being herself. Piper Billups got her education, started and runs a family, and is also pursuing her passions. This lady is a multi-tasker who likes to live life on her own terms. 

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