Solly March

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BirthdateJuly 20th, 1994
BirthplaceEastbourne, England
Length1.80 m (5ft 11 in)
TeamBrighton & Hove Albion
TraitsLong Shot Taker

Picture of the 1.80 m (5ft 11 in) tall English winger of Brighton & Hove Albion

Hello all and welcome to the wiki of this Englishman who can definitely be considered to be Sollycious. He is currenty playing in the English Premier League, a league that is considered by many to be the strongest in the world. He is playing for Brighton and Hove Albion. He usually plays as a winger but he has also sometimes played at several other positions in the attacking part of the field. He is always a threat to score or provide chances. He has great dribbling ability, a huge chunk of flair and a pretty good shot. He is a dangerous winger. He started his career in the youth academies of several small clubs before making the move to the youth academy of Brighton. He played there for several years before he finally made it to the first team of Brighton. He has played for many years in the Championship, the second highest flight of English professional football but he has now made it all the way to the Premier League with Brighton. Kudos to him indeed. For now we would like you to join us as we deep dive in to his personal life, we are going to tell you all there is to know about him so enjoy.

March Salary & Net Worth Revealed

How much does he earn?

In March 2017 the winger signed a contract with Brighton & Hove Albion that nets him a whopping salary of 1.7 Million Euro (1.5 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €4,781 (£4,244) per day and €199 (£177) per hour!

Per year€1,750,000£1,553,313
Per month€145,833£129,443
Per week€35,569£31,571
Per day€4,781£4,244
Per hour€199£177
Per minute€3.32£2.95
Per second€0.06£0.05

Since you've been viewing this page, Solly March has earned...

Wow! This means the average man in the UK needs to work for at least 4.3 years to earn the same as Sollycious earns in only 1 month.

Brighton & Hove Albion Salary Overview 19-20
The salary of the English winger compared to his Brighton & Hove Albion teammates