Matías Vecino

In this article you will discover everything you want to know about Matías Vecino: his current girlfriend or wife, his salary and his tattoos. Read along to find out in what house the Uruguayan midfielder lives in and have a look at his cars!


BirthdateAugust 24th 1991
BirthplaceCanelones, Uruguay
Length1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
TeamInter Milan
TraitsBall Control

Vecino Salary & Net Worth Revealed

Salary 2021

How much does he earn?

In October 2018 the midfielder signed a contract with Inter Milan that nets him a whopping salary of 4.6 Million Euro (3.9 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €12,602.74 (£10,684.93) per day and €525.11 (£445.2) per hour!

Per year€4,600,000£4,000,000
Per month€383,333£333,333
Per week€88,462£76,923
Per day€12,603£10,959
Per hour€525£456
Per minute€9£8

Since you've been viewing this page, Matías Vecino has earned...

This means the average man needs to work for at least 10.83 years to earn the same as Mate earns in only 1 month.
Net Worth & Market Value

Net Worth:2.6 Million Euro (2.2 Million Pound)
Market Value:23 Million Euro (19.8 Million Pound)
A very short career in elite European football has earned the Camel, a net worth of 2.6 Million Euros. His market value is currently at 23 Million Euros, down 2 Million Euros from a year ago.

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Matías Vecino Partner - Victoria

A loving and devoted partner to Victoria, they now have two kids together. This is from a birthday party, and the theme looks like it could be the kid's special day.

Family - Get to know them

Mother - Dolly

Picture of Matías  Vecino Mother, called Dolly

Meet our star's mum. She looks down to earth. He lost his father in an accident when he was 14.

Vecino Tattoo - Does he have one?

Matías  Vecino tattoo, the Uruguayan  number 8 from Canelones, Uruguay

He has numerous tattoos. The name of his son is etched on one wrist, while his father's signature covers the other. He also has a lion on one shoulder and some tribal tattoos on the other.
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House - Where does he live?

Location: San Jacinto, Uruguay

House of the Uruguayan  number 8, located in San Jacinto, Uruguay

That's our Inter player's home in Uruguay. He traveled 50 km every day from this place to get to his club at one point in time. Also seen in the pic are his mum, grand mum and his kid brother.

Vecino Car - What does he drive?

Volvo XC 90

Picture of his Volvo XC 90   car

Being the good dad that he is, he drives a Volvo XC 90 to accommodate his partner and two kids.

Player Bio

How much do you have to love a drink to be called that? It's one of his nicknames, and our midfielder drinks the traditional Uruguayan mate on his way to the games. You can even call it a superstition. He's very fond of his home country. He was born in Canelones, Uruguay in 1991, and began playing for a Montevideo based club called Central Español. Tragedy struck him early because he lost his father in an accident when he was only 14. Although it rattled him quite a bit, he persevered and played giving his all on the pitch. It was not long before the Italian clubs discovered him. He moved to La Viola in 2013, and spent a year and a half away on loan at Cagliari and Empoli. It was only in 2015 he became a starter for the Florence based club. He was with them for two full seasons and later switched sides to Inter Milan in 2017. As an Uruguay national with parents who had Italian roots, he was eligible to represent both Uruguay and Italy but chose to play for Uruguay to honor his father. He has represented them in the U-20 level and now plays for the senior team. The Camel, as he's sometimes called due to his long legs, is a player that gives his all on the pitch. We would like to see him play for a bigger European team one day.

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