Julian Weigl

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Picture of the 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in) tall German midfielder of Benfica

BirthdateSeptember 8th, 1995
BirthplaceBad Aibling, Germany
Length1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
NicknameSweet Juu

Weigl Salary & Net Worth Revealed

How much does he earn?

In December 2016 the midfielder signed a contract with Benfica that nets him a whopping salary of 4 Million Euro (3.4 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €10,958.90 (£9,315.07) per day and €456.62 (£388.13) per hour!

Per year€4,000,000£3,400,000
Per month€333,333.3£283,333.3
Per week€76,923.07£65,384.6
Per day€10,958.90£9,315.07
Per hour€456.62£388.13
Per minute€7.61£6.47
Per second€0.13£0.11

Since you've been viewing this page, Julian Weigl has earned...

Wow! This means the average man in the UK needs to work for at least 9.44 years to earn the same as Sweet Juu earns in only 1 month.

Net Worth & Market Value
Net Worth4.5 Million Euro (3.8 Million Pound)
Market Value25 Million Euro (21.2 Million Pound)
His net worth is at an estimated 4.5 Million Euros. His current market value has dropped to 25 Million Euros from a previous high of 30 Million Euros.

Weigl Tattoo - Does he have one?

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Julian  Weigl tattoo, the German number 28 from Bad Aibling, Germany
Sorry tattoo fans. He loves his dog more than he loves tattoos. Deal with it. (Image: Instagram.com)

Julian  Weigl tattoo, the German number 28 from Bad Aibling, Germany
That's what we thought before we spotted a massive cross tattooed on his right forearm. He's, apparently, preparing for life after football by trying his hand at DJing. (Image: Instagram.com)

Julian  Weigl tattoo, the German number 28 from Bad Aibling, Germany
The writings on the wrists is where it all started. We think he's going to be covered in tattoos very soon. (Image: Instagram.com)

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

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Julian Weigl Fiancé - Sarah
Picture of his Fiancé, who goes by the name Sarah.
Yep. He liked her, and he put a ring on her. They're about to get married. Congratulations. Sarah, please start picking out his shirts after marriage. (Image: Instagram.com)

Family - Get to know them

Brother - Daniel
Picture of Julian  Weigl Brother, called Daniel
He's a supportive brother. It was Daniel's wedding day, and he was there for him. The boys look dapper in their suits. (Image: Instagram.com)

Weigl Car - What does he drive?

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
Picture of his Mercedes Benz G63 AMG   car
The G wagon is a reliable car from Mercedes Benz. He can be seen obliging a few fans here. (Image: Instagram.com)

House - Where does he live?

Location: Dortmund, Germany
House of the German number 28, located in Dortmund, Germany
Christmas is a good time to stay at home, especially if you're a public personality. Sarah and Sweet Juu are enjoying each other's company on the couch. We're glad about his choice of jumper. (Image: Instagram.com)


Born in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Aibling in 1995, this German midfielder is a real modern defensive midfielder. He contributes much more to offensive play than he's given credit for. Adept at making crucial interceptions, he's also extremely talented and has good vision in his repertoire that lets him play a vital part in the team's build-up play. His abilities also allow him to play in the center of midfield, thus enabling him to get even more involved in the attack. He played for Dortmund from 2015 untill 2019. Overthere he has matured as a player. Coming through the youth ranks of 1860 Munich, he played for their B team for a year before he had an opportunity to play for their senior side. He also spent 5 years as a youth player of SV Ostermünchen, which is where he started playing football. He followed that with a 4-year stint at 1860 Rosenheim before eventually moving to 1860 Munich. A couple of injuries in 2017 has seen his form drop a bit. They couldn't have come at a much worse time for him, but he's got the quality to bounce back and became a Dortmund legend. Nowadays he is playing for Benfica, who bought him for 20 Million Euro (18 Million Pound) in the winter of 2019. His national team appearances is not something that he'll be proud of. He has had very few chances with the German side, and he'll have to prove himself at club level before he can hope to become a mainstay at Die Mannschaft.

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