Edmond Tapsoba

In this article you will discover everything you want to know about Edmond Tapsoba : his current girlfriend or wife, his salary and his tattoos. Read along and find out in what house the Burkinabé centre back lives in and also have a look at his cars!


BirthdateFebruary 2nd, 1999
BirthplaceOuagadougou, Burkina Faso
Length1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
TeamBayer Leverkusen
Positioncentre back
TraitsStrong Tackler

Tapsoba Salary & Net Worth Revealed

Salary 2021

How much does he earn?

In January 2020 the centre back signed a contract with Bayer Leverkusen that nets him a whopping salary of 1.1 Million Euro (966,000 Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €3,014 (£2,647) per day and €126 (£110) per hour!

Per year€1,100,000£956,522
Per month€91,667£79,710
Per week€21,154£18,395
Per day€3,014£2,621
Per hour€125£109
Per minute€2£2

Since you've been viewing this page, Edmond Tapsoba has earned...

This means the average man needs to work for at least 2.68 years to earn the same as Topper earns in only 1 month.
Net Worth & Market Value

Net Worth:750,000 Euro (659,000 Pound)
Market Value:18 Million Euro (15.8 Million Pound)
Since he's played in Africa and the Portuguese league so far, his net worth is calculated to be about 750,000 Euros. The topper's market value, however, is already at 18 million Euros.

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Edmond Tapsoba - Single

We've got a Barney Stinson fan in the house. He likes to suit up and is looking to meet the mother of his children.
Edmond Tapsoba - Single

He should revert to having this hairstyle. It looks cracking and could get the job done a lot more smoothly.

Family - Get to know them

Manager - Ivo Vieira

Picture of Edmond  Tapsoba  Manager, called Ivo Vieira
Source: imgur.com

Ivo is the manager that gave him an opportunity to shine. He's clearly discontent at Bayern poaching him in the middle of a season.
Teammate - Jonathan

Picture of Edmond  Tapsoba  Teammate, called Jonathan
Source: https://i.imgur.com/pcHPGl6.jpg

Jonathan is his French connection at Bayer. He has helped our boy settle in nicely.

Tapsoba Tattoo - Does he have one?

Edmond  Tapsoba  tattoo, the Burkinabé  number 12 from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Source: imgur.com

He's a bit flustered due to the weather in Germany. He's probably trying to work out the pros and cons of getting a tattoo.
Edmond  Tapsoba  tattoo, the Burkinabé  number 12 from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Source: imgur.com

He's going to defer his decision until the summer falls. If he's going to be covered up due to the cold, a tattoo would be useless for him.
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House - Where does he live?

Location: Leverkusen, Germany

House of the Burkinabé  number 12, located in Leverkusen, Germany
Source: imgur.com

He's moved here in January. We're sure he's found himself a place. He's just too shy to reveal it to us.

Tapsoba Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car
Source: imgur.com

His focus is on something else right now. It's not a car, and we don't know why.

Player Bio

Buying an unheard player from a relatively low-level European club at almost four times his market value by a German club makes one think about the subtleties of the footballing world. The player we're profiling here is a defender, a centre-back to be precise, and he is not South American. So it makes one wonder how Die Werkself came about doing this deal. We took a closer look, and this is what we found. Our defender is 21 years of age, and is a Burkinabé international. He started his career with Salitas FC. We're assuming he had his childhood training with them as well. It was followed by a short stint at US Ouagadougou. This was followed by a move abroad to Portugal. A year with the Leixões U19 team set him up for his next big adventure, and this time it was going to be big. Vitória Guimarães, the Portuguese first division club, signed him up and thrust him into their B team and was granted his first-team debut too. It was from them Bayer Leverkusen bought him. This big bloke has the nerve to step up and take penalty kicks. We might as well rest our case here. He's no Sergio Ramos, but the confidence he displays whilst he defends, and being fearless on the ball are some qualities that could have played a part in the transfer. His tackling couldn't have gone unnoticed either. The way his career could shape up depends on how well and how quickly he grasps the demands of German football. Right now, this Burkinabé athlete is a player to watch.

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