Dak Prescott

Join us and discover everything you want to know about his current girlfriend or wife, his incredible salary and the amazing tattoos that are inked on his body. Find out what house the American quarterback lives in or have a quick look at his cars!

BirthdateJuly 29th 1993
BirthplaceSulphur, Louisiana, United States
Length6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
TeamDallas Cowboys
NicknameThe Fortress
TraitsRoaming Deadeye

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Dak Prescott - Single
Picture of his , who goes by the name Single.
The man has dated a few girls in the past. But our research tells us that he's single as of now. (Image: imgur.com)

Dak Prescott - Single
Picture of his , who goes by the name Single.
This dapper gentleman isn't going to have any problem finding a new one, but for now, he's focused on negotiating a new deal. (Image: imgur.com)

Prescott Tattoo - Does he have one?

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Dak  Prescott tattoo, the American number 4 from Sulphur, Louisiana, United States
He's no stranger to tattoos. He's got his name on his back, and the left arm carries the initials of his siblings. There are also other markings on his back and right arm, including a star on the elbow. (Image: imgur.com)

Dak  Prescott tattoo, the American number 4 from Sulphur, Louisiana, United States
"Allow me to be your story." Those were his mum's words when diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She succumbed to the disease, unfortunately. (Image: imgur.com)

Dak  Prescott tattoo, the American number 4 from Sulphur, Louisiana, United States
His mother was also an artist who liked to doodle. The lion was a sketch that she drew. He had it traced and added the word Pride to have it tattooed on himself. (Image: imgur.com)

Family - Get to know them

Mother - Peggy
Picture of Dak  Prescott Mother, called Peggy
That's his mother whom he was fond of. 2019 has been a horrible year for him because he lost his older brother too. (Image: imgur.com)

Brother - Tad
Picture of Dak  Prescott Brother, called Tad
Tad is his older brother and is on his left. Jace was the one that passed away. He's on our QB's right. (Image: imgur.com)

Prescott Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car
He travels in style wherever he wants to go. His dog is a must-have for him when he flies. Is he a nervous flier? He doesn't appear to be one. (Image: imgur.com)

Picture of his    car
What a fun way to get around. We hope he doesn't do it in traffic and sticks with the cart in just the golfing course. (Image: imgur.com)

House - Where does he live?

Location: Frisco, Texas, United States
House of the American number 4, located in Frisco, Texas, United States
His place was in the news for all the wrong reasons. His doggo breached the boundary, strayed on to a neighbors place, and bit someone. That's unfortunate. We hope everyone, including the dog, is doing ok now. (Image: imgur.com)

Prescott Salary & Net Worth

How much does he earn?

In March 2020 the quarterback signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys that nets him a massive salary of 31.4 Million Dollars (28.7 Million Euros) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns $86,027 (€78,752) per day and $3,584 (€3,281) per hour!

Per year$31,400,000€28,744,659
Per month$2,616,667€2,395,388
Per week$603,846€552,782
Per day$86,027€78,752
Per hour$3,584€3,281
Per minute$60€55
Per second$1.0€0.91

Since you've been viewing this page, Dak Prescott has earned...

Wow! This means the average man in the United States needs to work for at least 47 years to earn the same as The Fortress earns in only 1 month.

Net Worth: 2 Million Dollars (1.8 Million Euros)
The cowboys have placed the franchise tag on our man this March. That's effectively like a new contract. If they don't get him to sign a new deal before July, it'll come into force. It has also got him out of the rookie deal that has netted him about $2 million.


Not known to be a flashy quarterback, he is a solid player with plenty of room to improve. He's an amazingly disciplined player and knows his offense very well. He's a very generous QB who tries to go more after completion than anything else. The young man is just 26 years old and plays for the Dallas Cowboys, who picked him Round 4 of the 2016 NFL Draft. His rookie season was meant to be spent as a backup to Romo, but he was thrust into the limelight after the starter suffered an injury. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands, and his performances earned him a Pro Bowl selection and the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Often berated by the media for lack of accuracy to get the ball over the top, it is indeed a lacking area and teams exploit this weakness to their advantage. Nonetheless, his mental attitude and his decision making are excellent attributes that let him get away with other shortcomings. Before the NFL, this Louisiana native attended Haughton High and played college football for Mississippi State. Still a youngster, he has a few years to go before he peaks. If he puts in the necessary work in the offseason, this QB is going to become a well rounded and solid player who doesn't give the opposition a lot of opportunities to exploit.

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