Andrea Pirlo

BirthdateMay 19th, 1979
BirthplaceFlero, Italy
Length1.77 m (5 ft 9.75 in)
NicknameMozart, Maestro

Picture of the 1.77 m (5 ft 9.75 in) tall Italian midfielder of

Pirlo Salary & Net Worth

How much did Andrea Pirlo earn?

Andrea Pirlo has a net worth of...

50 Million Euros (56 Million Dollars)

The maestro was a truly elegant player in all respects. He has been a star in all of Italy and lived up to the standards that were expected of him. He's had numerous business interests even when he was a player with winemaking at the top of them all. He also retains a stake in his family's business. He has been at top clubs for almost his entire career, earning him well over a million euro's per year for more than ten years. His relationship with Nike has been a steady one. There have been other brands like Jeep, that have been involved with the midfielder. Not brashy or overly indulgent, he has a solid 50 million Euros in net worth according to our calculations.

Current Job

What does Pirlo currently do?

Andrea  Pirlo current job, the Italian number 21 from Flero, Italy
Well look at that, a bit earlier than many had expected but in the summer of 2020 Pirlo became the manager of Juventus. He had set his mind on becoming a manager ever since he hung up his boots. He got his license at the Centro Tecnico Federale di Coverciano in Florence. Watch out, people. Dugouts are about to get classy. (Image:

Iconic Moments

2006 World Cup Winner
Andrea  Pirlo most iconic moment, the Italian number 21 from Flero, Italy
This has to be the most important title he has ever won. It was not short of any controversy. The story began in 2002 when Italy was knocked out in a controversial fashion. They were determined to get the job done in 2006. The man of the match in the final, our man actually started preparing even before that. He was the one that delivered the crucial pass to Grosso in the semifinals against Germany. He was engaged in a constant battle with the French players in the final, and although it was not a clean victory, he deserves it to the fullest. (Image:

The Panenka in Euro 2012
Andrea  Pirlo most iconic moment, the Italian number 21 from Flero, Italy
Great players are made from moments like these. This moment will be etched in the annals of footballing history, and he will be lauded for his courage and ice-cold approach. Joe Hart, the English goalkeeper, on the other hand, will live with the shame of being dinked by the legend. The 2012 Euros was where this happened. The quarterfinals and it was the shootout. Hart was trying to throw him off with his movements, but our man wasn't flustered. He knew exactly where he was going to put the ball, and now it has become a moment to cherish for football fans. Maybe there is no shame in being undone by a genius like that. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Andrea Pirlo Partner - Valentina Baldini
Picture of his Partner, who goes by the name Valentina Baldini.
She's the woman in his life now. They met at a Golf club in America. The maestro's hair was not being its usual self. That's a rarity. (Image:

Andrea Pirlo Ex Wife - Deborah Roversi
Picture of his Ex Wife, who goes by the name Deborah Roversi.
That's his first wife. They married in 2001 and have two children together. Our man clearly takes a liking to blonde girls. (Image:

Andrea Pirlo Partner - Valentina Baldini
Picture of his Partner, who goes by the name Valentina Baldini.
He's hit a brace this time around. Leonard and Tomasso are his twins with Valentina. Being new parents has taken its toll on this couple. They look rough, and he's wearing corduroys. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Pirlo Son - Nicolo
Picture of Andrea  Pirlo Son, called Nicolo
Are the kids not happy with dad's new love interest? Angela, the daughter, is visibly unhappy. Nico doesn't seem to mind. (Image:

Pirlo Father - Luigi
Picture of Andrea  Pirlo Father, called Luigi
His dad oozes class too. The men from this family should be giving style advice to everyone in the world. Start a YouTube channel, maybe? (Image:

Pirlo Car - What does he drive?

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Picture of his Jeep Grand Cherokee   car
We get that he doesn't like to be flashy. But, a Jeep? We expected him to make a bit more effort. That man cannot be caught dead in a Jeep. (Image:

Picture of his Audi    car
It used to be better when he liked Audis. Audi to Jeep is a downgrade, in our opinion. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Italy
House of the Italian number 21, located in Italy
He was in New York for the final leg of his playing days. Back in Italy now, the legend has been reduced to doing household chores. This is a travesty. Your Pro License is your ticket out. Hang in there, for now, buddy. (Image:

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