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10 Craziest and Funniest Haircuts of Football Players All-Time

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On the pitch, football players like to demonstrate their individuality in several ways. In most instances, players depict a certain image or character to become extra intimidating to their opponents or become marketable to possible endorsement deals. To accomplish this, players frequently use their hairstyles. A crazy and fun haircut is not essential for a good player to advance into an icon. Still, it has facilitated many players into icons for the capability to stand out and be known. This popularity can result in opportunities to feature on television and be added to a list like this one. A haircut’s popularity can be increased by various fans and social media members who try to look for the meaning and motivation behind a variety of haircuts. Below are the ten craziest and funniest haircuts of football players of all-time.

10. Carlos Valderrama

Carlos Valderrama, commonly known as El Pibe, is a former footballer from Colombia. Carlos played as an attacking midfielder. In his career, Carlos’ haircut was a mane of curled bleached hair set as an afro, which was blond in color. It usually extended below his shoulders. Valderrama embraced his naturally curly hair with his skill on the ball and fascinated his fans and opponents. To raise awareness for breast cancer, Carlos dyed his hair pink after his retirement.

9. Abel Xavier

Abel Xavier is a former football footballer from Portugal. He played as a defender. There is little that can be said regarding this head of hair. When it comes to Abel Xavier, we could have selected several types of his crazy haircuts, but this particular one outdid all of them. You would ask why we decided to choose this one, right. We settled for this particular one because he dyed his hair brown at the front, and for the rest of his hair and beard, he used a bleach blonde dye. This resulted in one of the craziest and funniest combination of hair dyes ever to be seen.

8. Ronaldo

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, also referred to as Ronaldo, is a former Brazilian footballer. During the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo adapted a fully bald haircut with a clump of hair at the front so that his son could easily recognize him from the television. Due to the haircut, Ronaldo earned the title “Il Fenomeno.”

7. Neymar

Neymar is a football player from Brazil who plays as a forward. Apart from Paris Saint- Germain, Neymar also plays for the Brazilian national team. With Brazilian Club Santos, Neymar burst into the football scene as an 18-year old sensation. Later known as the Neymar Crest, his fantastic blond Mohawk made him easily identified on the football pitch. By adding braids and layering on many occasions, Neymar has undergone many iterations of the haircut.

6. Mario Balotelli

As a striker for Serie B club Monza, Mario is a professional footballer from Italy. Mario’s haircuts have attracted enormous attention, just like his skills as a soccer player. Mario has constantly changed his haircut during his career, ranging from a bleached Mohawk to having various designs on his head.

Mario has not fully made it as a starplayer but his hairgame has always been on point.

5. Kylian Mbappé Lottin

We all know Mbappé as the superstar that he already is. Every once in a while he likes to spice things up hairwise. As you can see here. He is feeling blue. Incredible stuff to be quite honest.

4. David Beckham

David is a former footballer from England. He was positioned as a midfielder during matches. During his career, David tried out many hairstyles. However, only some blond cornrows he rocked in 2003 appeared to be crazy and funny.

3. Roberto Baggio

Roberto is a former football player from Italy. He often played as a midfielder and second striker. His haircut was iconic to the point that it earned a nickname as “The Divine Ponytail.” His ponytail adapted several iterations and involved beads and braids. It is probably the most iconic ponytail of all time. If that isn’t cool then quite frankly we do not know what is.

2. Bobby Charlton

Bobby is a former soccer player from England who played as a forward. Using a comb-over, Bobby tried to fool the world by making it appear as though he had a head full of hair. Charlton had become famous through his middle-aged male hairstyle before Donald Trump was ridiculed for the same.

1. Gervinho

Gervinho is a professional soccer player from Ivory Coast. He plays forward and is affiliated to Italian Club Parma and Ivory Coats national team. In some instances in life, we need to accept lost causes. Gervinho cannot be judged for declining to accept his baldness. He sometimes wears a giant headband to conceal his baldness.

Just come home Gervinho. It is okay, we are all going to go there eventually.


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