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Who is Vera Ribeiro? Meet Rui Patricio’s Adorable Wife!

Vera Ribeiro Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthPortugal
ResidencyRome, Italy
HusbandRui Patricio
JobClinical Psychologist
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
TattoosVera has tribal ink on her forearm. She also has at least one other tattoo on her wrist.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorDyed
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)$250,000

Vera Ribeiro Biography

Rui Patricio has constantly appeared in the Portuguese news, thanks to his skyrocketing football career. For a few years, the media has extended its attention to another person with Patricio. She is every bit as active, charming, and talented as the footballer himself. It is his wife, Vera Ribeiro – a clinical psychologist and sexologist, who is encouraging Portugal to be more open about physical intimacy in relationships.

Vera’s Professional Background

While her age and place of birth are not known, she is still quite a well-known personality in the football world. It turns out that the third time was indeed the charm for Rui’s love life. Vera currently has two children with him. Living in the UK with him now, she occasionally interacts with her fans in English and Portuguese. In 2018, she made news when she urged the sportsmen to masturbate before their tournaments. You can still find sources for this incident which placed her in the spotlight for a long time. Her well-researched advice was contrary to the belief that abstinence before a sports activity can boost performance.

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The beauty with brains also has a book to her name known as Manual de Sedução. Translated as the Manual of Seduction, it has some of the most raunchy and creative ways to spice things up in the bedroom. She has also contributed to the Portuguese magazine Revista VIP in the past, exploring psychological themes. 

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She has also done a good deed for Portuguese society by teaching sex education in various schools. It is relieving to know that there is some individual taking steps towards destigmatizing taboo topics.

Her Stunning Personality

She is highly active on her Instagram account, sharing her journey with her 13.9k followers as she juggles her professional and personal life. Vera has a sophisticated yet outgoing personality which she reflects in her sense of fashion. Because she comes from an industry inclined towards healthcare and education, she maintains an image fitting her career. You will never see her looking unprofessional or out of place. No matter the theme or event, she is always well-dressed for the occasion. 

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She is one of the few women who have mastered the art of looking sexy, professional, and confident all at the same time. She has worn her hair the same way ever since the media first saw her, and it is evident that she has not aged a bit even after all these years! Her hair still frames her face perfectly, her body still has that petite but sturdy look, and her smile is as radiant as ever! She also shares a matching tattoo with Rui. 

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Busy as a Bee Juggling Life as a Mother 

From her Instagram account, Vera seems to live a fast life as many mothers out there. Her family is very clearly the light of her life, and most of her feed consists of their pictures. Her husband also makes frequent appearances in these posts as he is a dedicated family man. Vera’s children have her bubbly, confident personality, evident from the numerous stories dedicated to them. They have pool days, horse riding, art and golf sessions, and many more adventurous activities. 

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The whole family shows an inclination towards outdoor activities, with Vera having an interest in tennis. Unfortunately, there is not much information about Vera’s life before her relationship with the footballer. The Portugal football team receives immense, heartwarming support from Vera through social media. She has accompanied Rui in the football stadiums a handful of times and cheered for the team. 

Self-care and Love For Animals 

Vera has maintained a stunning body even after two kids and the daily challenges of raising a family. It is all thanks to her hard work at the gym and meditative practices. Her degree in psychology must also prove helpful in managing stress, keeping her face glowing and flawless. 

There is a special friend in Vera’s life who will sometimes show up in her feed. It happens to be a little squirrel that visits solely for the food. Other than that, she does not appear to have any other furry friends. Although the family is fond of horses, and she used to have a dog in the past. 

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Vera Ribeiro is an immensely kind, bold, and open-minded person who actively partakes in bringing about a social change in the attitudes related to sex and intimacy. Her entire personality and the way she carries herself exudes sophistication and confidence. 

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