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Who is Valentina Baldini? Facts About Andrea Pirlo’s Second Chance At Love!

Valentina Baldini Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJuly 15th, 1981
Place of BirthVenice, Italy
BoyfriendAndrea Pirlo
JobInterior Designer / Blogger
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
TattoosValentina currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherValentina has a brother named Antonio
Father & MotherHer father, Gina Baldini, is a lawyer, and her mother, Mena Baldini, is a homemaker.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)$4 Million

Valentina Baldini Biography

Andrea Pirlo is smitten by Valentina Baldini. Read on to know everything about her!

Birth Facts

Valentina Baldini is a real estate agent and the girlfriend of a retired football player and present coach of the Turin Juventus, Andrea Pirlo. She was born in Venice, Italy, on 15th July 1981 and is a devout Christian. Her father, Gina Baldini, is a lawyer, and her mother, Mena Baldini, is a homemaker. 



She also has a brother named Antonio Baldini, who happens to be younger than her. She did most of her primary schooling at the International School of Venice. Following that, she earned a degree in interior design at the Sapienza University from Rome.

Her Relationship with Andrea Pirlo

Baldini met her future boyfriend Andrea Pirlo in 2013, and within a year, they decided to officially be in a relationship. They would usually meet each other at Pirlo’s golf club, and that is where the romance blossomed. Baldini is a rather eminent personality, especially in her field of real estate. Even though she is the girlfriend of such an affluent football player, she has not stopped working. At the same, she has exhibited exceptional talent in not only managing her work but also to her twin children at home.

A Peek Into Her Personal life

Despite being the girlfriend of such a celebrity, Baldini is not at all a part of any social media platform. She prefers to keep her personal life to herself, even though her boyfriend has a massive following on social media. 

Although Baldini claims to be a super private person, she does have a blog wherein she writes about her life and all that she encounters. In one such entry, she mentioned her pregnancy and compared the situation to a moment from Sex and the City. According to her, staying true to the movie, she had to be taken to the hospital in the middle of the night after her water broke.

She is also a wealthy woman, given that her net worth happens to be somewhat around $4 million. 


At the same, she is known to not flaunt her wealth and purchase stuff that she does not require. Instead, she is a philanthropist and has donated huge sums of money for a variety of charitable causes that seek to improve the lives of the underprivileged.

She is very much in love with her twins, whom she has named Tomasso and Leonardo, and expressed her great joy when they turned a month old. According to her, her stay in New York is one of the highlights of her life.


To quote her, “I owe a great deal to New York.” This is where she met some of the most amazing people in her life, standing amidst those imposing skyscrapers of the metropolis. But more than that, she fulfilled her life-long dream of becoming a mother in this city.

Supporting Her Boyfriend

Baldini has been a constant support to her boyfriend and has always been by his side before any of his matches. They have often gone on vacations together so that Pirlo can relax before heading on to a season of intense competition on the football ground. After suffering a defeat at the World Cup as well as divorcing his ex-wife, Pirlo was accompanied to Ibiza by Baldini. 

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The two were spotted in the holiday destination relaxing in each other’s company, where they also decided to plan their future. At present, the couple is residing in New York City after Pirlo was hired there. As a famous football player, Andrea Pirlo has been in the middle of a media storm ever since his divorce and talks about his infidelity. Despite all such accusations, Baldini has stood by the love of her life and provided him with immense support.


Together, Valentina Baldini and Andrea Pirlo make a fabulous super couple in the world of sports entertainment. Having been blessed with twin children has only made their relationship stronger than ever. 

They believe to be a pillar of strength for each other and have always stood by each other despite all adversities that are hurled at them. When Pirlo was getting concerned about his performance on the field, it was Baldini who reassured him about giving his best. It is a given that this couple belongs together. Like the present, they are going to stand together and never fail to support each other. 

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