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Who Is Tara Cox? Meet The Childhood Sweetheart Of Mike Trout!

Tara Cox Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthNew Jersey, United States
ResidencyUnited States
BoyfriendMike Trout
Sister / BrotherShe has two siblings named, Kyle Cox and Aaron Cox
Father & MotherHer father’s name is unknown but her mother’s name is Pam Cox
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Tara Cox Biography

Mike Trout is a popular name in the baseball community. He is an excellent player who does not compromise anything for the game. He has inspired many youngsters to play baseball and take it up as a career. Followers of Mike Trout are also familiar with his wife – Jessica Tara Cox. Tara or Jessica Cox is the beautiful partner of Mike Trout. Tara and Mike are an inseparable couple and a match made in heaven. She has a long history with him, and this article will tell you all about her.

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Her Blue Eyes Are A Style Statement

Tara Cox is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair in simple hairstyles and usually keeps it open. Her beautiful blue eyes make her stand out in the crowd. She has also maintained her body by exercising and eating well. She is a fitness freak but does not like to show it off on the internet. She looks very young for her age. Her hair frames a face in gentle waves, reaching her shoulders. She likes to keep it at a medium length.

Tara Met Mike In School

Tara and Mike attended the Milleville Senior High School in Millville, New Jersey. It was the place where they began dating and fell in love. They have been inseparable since their childhood years. Tara was a studious kid in school, which allowed her to pursue higher education. She ensured working hard at her studies in school and university. She grew up to become a special needs teacher in a school.

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She Loves Children

Tara loves to spend time with children and teaching them. Children like her immediately when they see her. She has a warm, loving, and caring personality. She ensures that everyone around feels comfortable at all times. My lovely attitude and personality are the reasons why Mike fell in love with her.

Her Fashion Sense Is Incredible

Tara loves fashion but does not like to show it off. She mostly wears casual clothes and a little bit of makeup. During events, she goes all out and wears her most extravagant outfits. However, her smile and kind heart make her look beautiful in any clothes.

She Has A Loud Personality

Tara is an extrovert with a large social circle. She loves to interact with people, especially children. People love her due to her beautiful looks and vibrant personality. She makes friends immediately and does not discriminate against anyone.

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Family Comes First

Tara is obsessed with social media and shares several photos of her family. She has a public Instagram account where she expresses her affection for her family and friends. She has revealed that she has two brothers, named Kyle and Aaron Cox. The name of her mother is Pam Cox.

She spends a lot of time with her friends and family. Her husband, Mike, also remains very close to her family and friends. Her family members are the most significant things in life.

Tara is a socially aware person. She knows society is a diverse place where people interact together from all walks of life. Tara does not discriminate against anyone and extends her help to disadvantaged people. She has uploaded a couple of donation links on her page to ensure that her support reaches the community.

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She Is A Pillar Of Support For Mike

Tara and Mike have one child together. They both post pictures of their child on their Instagram accounts. Tara and Mike are not afraid to express affection towards each other publicly. They support each other in their careers and life. Without Tara, Mike would not be a successful baseball player. Their ambitious personalities match well with each other. They are always willing to help each other through any difficulty. It is rare to find such unwavering support in today’s age.

Mike and Tara are lucky to have found each other only in life. Only a few people get to marry their childhood sweethearts and spend the rest of their lives together. Tara and Mike have kept the romance alive in the baseball community. Hopefully, they will reveal more about their lives in the coming days. One can assume that they will happily live with each other forever.

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