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Who Is Sarah Arnautovic? Meet The WAG Who Is The Light Of Marko’s Life!

Marko Arnautovic was the subject of news a few years ago due to his anger issues. He is an excellent player but struggles with maintaining composure on the field. Luckily, Marko has someone who helps him out and stays near him all the time. His wife, Sarah Arnautovic, is the rock that holds him in place, and this article is about her.

She Made Marko Fall For Her Hard

Sarah Arnautovic is a lady of German and Polish ancestry. She met Marko in a Bremen disco, and they hit it off instantly. Back then, Sarah used to work as a medical practitioner and model. Thanks to her years of training in the medical field, her communication skills could make anyone feel comfortable. As a result, Marko felt understood and grounded for the first time in his football career. Her calm yet headstrong personality somehow tamed his anger, and his composure on the field got better. They were in love within days of meeting each other, and the relationship has only gotten better with time.

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She Is The Only One Who Can Calm Him

The blonde beauty also developed a simple and effective technique to keep the football player calm during matches. All it takes is a single pinch from Sarah for the footballer to come back to his senses. It did not take long before they got married (2012) and had a daughter until Marko came to Stoke City. After their daughter – Emilia, was born, Sarah quit her medical and modeling professions to become a full-time homemaker. The couple has another daughter named Alicia.

She Does Not Like Social Media Anymore

Sarah Used to be active on social media a few years ago, but not anymore. She likely wants to focus on her family and does not want to deal with the overwhelming attention from social media. As we know, her husband struggles with anger issues which could bring unwarranted negative attention to her. For now, she maintains a private life surrounded only by her family and close friends. Marko respects her wishes and keeps her posts to a minimum on his Facebook account.


Her Personality Is A Mix Of All Good Qualities

Sarah’s calm personality allows her to navigate chaotic situations effectively. She thinks logically without letting emotions cloud her judgment. Sarah carries a professional attitude towards work and ensures to be punctual all the time. She is humble and caring but does not refrain from speaking her mind at all times. Her ability to communicate correctly helps her connect with people deeply and foster genuine relations. Besides, Sarah only likes to keep within her small friends’ circle and close family members.

She Has A Modeling Background

Thanks to her modeling background, Sarah can keep her mind free using fashion. She likes to dress up but mostly keeps it simple and sophisticated. Sarah ensures to not stand out from the crowd when attending football matches. She was a bikini enthusiast back in her modeling days, posting pictures with her girl gang.


Despite having left the modeling industry, Sarah maintains a good-looking physique. She understands the diet requirements and exercise that can make her look beautiful. Despite being a mother of two, Sarah still looks young and fit. Her disciplined attitude towards life ensures that she reaches all her goals no matter what.


Sarah’s net worth is unknown, but it is safe to assume that she lives a lavish lifestyle. She made a hefty sum out of her modeling and medicine career and got married into a wealthy family. Her family will be self-sufficient even if she does not work, thanks to her WAG status and Marko’s rich background. However, there is no way to tell her current employment status because it has been a long time since she stopped sharing her life with fans. For all we know, she could have resumed her career and chosen to be an independent woman.

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Sarah is the perfect wife for Marko and the best mother for Emilia. It is a hard job to keep someone grounded during critical moments, but Sarah can do it. Sarah is intelligent, loving, witty, and selfless towards her family, which is inspiring. She is the perfect role model for women who leave their careers to care for family, despite all the backlash they may receive.

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