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Who Is Noémie Happart? Meet The Former Miss Belgium WAG Of Yannick Carrasco!

Yannick Carrasco, a household name in the football community, has garnered extreme fame in Belgium. He proved his worth and reliability as a footballer when he worked for Atletico Madrid, the Spanish football club. However, Carrasco is famous for a reason other than his football career. His wife, Noémie Happart, is full of surprises, and this article is all about her.

She Met Him When She Was Already Famous

It turns out, Noémie was quite popular before meeting Yannick because she was a beauty pageant contestant. She was born on June 1, 1993, which makes Noémie 28 years old. The brunette beauty hails from Liege, Belgium and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Her mother’s name is Malou Del, and she has two elder sisters – Manon Happart and Estelle Happart.

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Noémie and Yannick met in a Liege but dating a footballer was never her intention. Back then, the stunning woman became suspicious when Yannick told her about his football profession. She was wary of him at first due to the questionable reputation of football players, but she eventually gave him a chance. It turned out to be the right decision as the couple hit it off immediately and fell in love.

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The couple began dating in 2015 but kept their relationship a secret until 2016. After the public revelation, Noémie and Yannick were not afraid of engaging in public displays of affection. The footballer even shared a celebratory kiss with Happart after scoring a goal in the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final. A couple of years after dating, Yannick and his model girlfriend married in a grand ceremony.

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There Are False Rumours About Their Separation

Since then, the media is not sure if the celebrity couple is together or separated. Some sources say they divorced in 2020, while others maintain that Yannick and Noémie are still happily married. In this Dailystar article, Sandrine Corman – Noémie’s friend and fellow contestant reported that the couple is married. However, Noémie has never spoken about this controversy because she does not care what others think.

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Modeling Was Noémie’s Childhood Dream

Noémie dreamt of becoming a model since childhood, and it became a reality when she was 20 years old. She won the crown of Miss Belgium in 2013, finally beginning her modeling career. Later in 2013, Happart represented her country at the Miss Universe contest and Miss World 2013. Her soaring modeling career did not stop her from pursuing her studies as she graduated with a marketing degree. Noémie is multilingual, which means she is fluent in Dutch, English, and French.

After becoming a WAG, her social media accounts gained followers quickly. At present, Happart has 76k followers on Instagram and 3,200 on Twitter. The model stays more active on Instagram, sharing her modeling and fitness pictures in beautiful locations. Noémie’s followers love her, thanks to the positive motivation they receive. The Belgian beauty stays professional on her social media accounts, never engaging in any unnecessary drama.

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People Can’t Help Falling In Love With Noémie

Noémie has an optimistic and goal-oriented personality, which helps her achieve all her aims. Once she determines to get something, she works hard for it with complete dedication. Happart is not scared of dreaming high and believes that hard work is all one needs to succeed. Despite her headstrong personality, Noémie remains humble to all the fans that see her as a role model. She 28-year-old knows that the beauty industry is a competitive place, due to which people need compassion more than ever. She stays private about her family to prevent unwanted attention and controversy.

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Happart is serious about her health and looks, so she works out every day without fail. She follows her schedule with discipline and self-control, which allows her to maintain her stunning figure. With that level of sincerity, one could assume that Noémie will rule the modeling industry for many more years.


Noémie began her modeling career from the very bottom and worked her way up without taking a break. Yannick could not have asked for a better woman to be his wife. Their personalities match each other because both individuals are optimistic and passionate. Fans can only wish to find their perfect soulmate the same way Yannick and Noémie found each other.

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