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Who Is Nina Heisser? Meet The Gorgeous Wife Of NFL Star Earl Thomas!

Nina Heisser Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayOctober 9th, 1989
Place of BirthOrange, Texas
ResidencyUnited States
BoyfriendEarl Thomas
Sister / BrotherHer siblings are named Ryan Heisser and Kayla Michelle Baham-Heisser
Father & MotherHer parents’ names are Troy Heisser and Annita Baham
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$9 Million

Nina Heisser Biography

Earl Thomas has worked hard to succeed in his NFL career. He has ensured to defeat his competitors with an excellent skill set.  American football is not the only thing that made him famous. Earl Thomas also has a beautiful wife, and fans are crazy about her. She has appeared in the public eye several times for different incidents. This article will tell you everything about her and her lovely relationship with Earl.

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Nina Heisser Is Nothing Short Of Beautiful

Nina is a beautiful woman with perfect curves. She is not a tall woman, but her figure makes her look pretty. She likes to wear her hair in a curly fashion. Some pictures feature her with straight hair. One can tell that Nina loves to change her hair often. She has posted several photos on social media displaying her beauty.

Nina also has a cute, adorable face. Her symmetrical facial features make her look pretty. She looks like she has a lot of spark and enthusiasm in her. People have complimented her for her mesmerizing brunette features several times. Nina lives for the attention of her fans.

She Is An Ideal Role Model For High-Achievers

Thomas is an inspirational figure for aspiring sports enthusiasts in America. However, his wife, Nina, is nothing short of a model figure herself. She is a successful woman that refuses to rely on her husband for anything. Nina has proven that she is more than just the partner of a famous man. She is a businesswoman with a track record of high achievements.

Nina is the owner of a clothing brand called CAPTIVATE. She has built it from scratch without any support. The brand is famous in the clothing industry. It employs several models. Nina has proven her worth as an entrepreneur by opening the brand. Her story is inspirational for everyone trying to become independent in life. The brand continues to perform well on social media sites.

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Nina Is Bold And Fashionable

Neena owns a clothing brand. One can tell that fashion has influenced her life. She is a fashionable woman with refined taste. She does not forget to express her bold personality through her fashion sense. She often wears bright colors and fitting clothes that flaunt her figure. She is not afraid to try out styles that other people won’t choose.

The best part about her fashion sense is that it expresses her bravery. Most people wear simple clothes with subdued colors. Nina goes all out with bright glittery colors and sexy clothes.

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Nina Is A Well-Educated Woman

Nina looks good in every style, and she always has the perfect outfit for all occasions. She understands fashion inside out, and it is because Nina has studied fashion professionally. She is a well-educated woman with a thirst for knowledge. She went to the West Orange Stark high school and attended a community college in Austin.

She pursued the design profession after finishing college. She worked at a fashion studio to learn more about the industry. She worked as a model after completing her job at the fashion studio. She also promoted several brands on social media platforms.

After working as an intern in the fashion studio, Nina decided to become a businesswoman. She opened her brand – CAPTIVATE and began selling clothes. She has a noticeable social media presence.

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She Met Her Husband Early In Life

Nina went to the same high school as her boyfriend, due to which they spent a lot of time together. Their initial meeting happened in the Spanish class. They had the same group of friends, and they supported each other throughout their school and college years. Earl proposed to her in 2015 during his annual youth football camp. The couple got married on April 16, 2016. Nina wore a beautiful white dress on her big day. The couple has three children, and one of them was born before their marriage. They live a happy life with their three children.

Nina and her husband have had their share of problems in married life. They did not give up on their relationship. They communicated throughout the issues and made their marriage work. They are an inspiration to other couples.

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