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Who is Marie Kindermans? Meet Thorgan Hazard’s Wife!

Marie Kindermans Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayNovember 25th, 1982
Place of BirthBelgium
ResidencyDortmund, Germany
HusbandThorgan Hazard
JobModel / Fashion Designer
InstagramMarie isn’t on social media
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
TattoosMarie currently has no tattoos
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)$100,000

Marie Kindermans Biography

Thorgan Hazard, the innocent-looking yet fiercely skilled footballer, has amassed a lot of praise from the world. The way he plays is captivating, never losing touch with his form from beginning to the end. However, this article is about someone who looks just as pure and innocent as him, that is, his wife, Marie. There is a lot to uncover about this cutie so buckle up.

Gorgeous Inside-Out

You can sense the wholesome energy radiating off her in the above picture. Maybe it is the sparkly, white dress, her perfect blonde hair, or her adorable features. No matter what, this woman is unmistakably beautiful in every aspect. She can flaunt her natural beauty in all the pictures ever taken of her. You will never see her with heavy makeup, cosmetic surgeries, or outrageous hairstyles since Marie does not need anything to look pretty.


The genetic lottery she is blessed with does that job for her. She also has a healthy yet delicate-looking stature that would put several fitness-obsessed women to shame. Her stunning body must have gotten her several modeling deals, but as we know, she probably rejected all of them. As we will find out, Marie is one of the most private WAGS in the football community.

Privacy Above Everything

Marie has an introverted personality, so only her near and dear ones can get to know her deeply. Her life is not for everyone to see and experience, so she does not use any social media at present. This quality is opposed to several WAGS and celebrities in general that prefer loud lifestyles. She is also soft-spoken, humble, and calm for a person so famous. Marie has managed to keep her individuality and personality despite having the attention and praise of millions of people. She hardly ever gets jealous of the female attention directed towards her husband because she is secure and confident.


Her Relationship With Thorgan

Her unwavering trust in her marriage is not a surprise, given the couple’s long history. They dated for several years before getting married. Marie even gave birth to their daughter Elayna Hazard before their marriage. Their wedding was also private, with only one picture available for the audience.

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Thorgan shared the beautiful photo on his Instagram account, him and Marie sitting with their back facing the camera. From the picture, one could make out that Marie wore a beautiful lace dress and possibly had an all-white theme. The fans wish they could see more of the wedding, but this is the only one you will get.

via instagram

Her Lovely Kin

Marie is two years older than her husband and has stuck by him through thick and thin. Much to her pleasure, her family is close-knit since Thorgan’s brothers also play football professionally. The whole family, including Marie, visit several football-related events but stay away from the paparazzi.

Does Not Need To Be Extra

Marie is not a big fan of wearing fashionable clothes. Her style is simple, elegant, and subdued than others. She prefers decency and professionalism over everything else, but she can rock any outfit out there. Being comfortable in her skin allows her to look good in everything.

She Embodies a Pure Mentality

The profession of this pretty WAG is unknown since she likes to keep her life out of the spotlight. However, she is hardworking and dedicated to everything she does in her life. She is the perfect mother to Elayna and a suitable guardian to the other kids in her family. She does not let her WAG status distract her from her goals, thus making an identity independent from the footballer. She believes that everyone should strive to make something for themselves in this world and not depend on others to create an image for them. This progressive mentality results from the rich culture she and Thorgan grew up in, making them ideal role models for modern youth.

via instagram

People should try to learn more from Marie Kindermans, a perfect blend of feminine and masculine traits. Her life has something that money cannot buy, that is balance. She has worked hard to create such equilibrium and stability, despite having a status that usually snatches it away from people. Marie is an inspiring, pretty lady that will always have a place in Thorgan’s heart.

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