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Who Is Katarína Smolková? Meet The Gorgeous, Talented Woman In Peter Sagan’s Life!

Katarína Smolková Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthDolný Kubín, Slovakia
ResidencyDolný Kubín, Slovakia
BoyfriendPeter Sagan
Sister / BrotherShe has a sister named, Silvia Smolková, and a brother named, Lukas Smolka.
Father & MotherHer mother’s name is, Iveta Smolková, and her father’s name is, Pavol Smolka.
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Katarína Smolková Biography

Peter Sagan is a super talented professional cyclist, due to which he often appears in the news. He knows what he wants out of his career and pursues his goals with complete dedication. However, there is somebody back home supporting him with her whole heart. This woman is the pillar that Peter relies on to achieve his dreams. Without her, Peter would be sad and devastated, so this woman is a significant figure in his life. The name of this person is Katarína Smolková, and she has stuck by his side through thick and thin. Let us understand Katarína in a better way because the world should know about this gorgeous lady.

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Their Wedding Was Bike-Themed And Luxurious

Katarína Smolková and Peter Sagan dated for a long time before tying the knot. Ever since Peter Sagan came into the spotlight, his girlfriend was there. People knew that his heart already belonged to Katarína, so there was no space for any other girl. One day the couple announced that they were getting married, and fans were happy. The Sagan-Smolková wedding was a sight to behold as the couple entered in lavish attire and joined each other in matrimony. Sagan chopped a piece of wood to signify his willingness to help in the marriage, and Katarína gleefully released some doves. Their wedding ceremony came straight out of a fairytale, and fans would not have it any other way.

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Their Relationship Had Major Problems

Unfortunately, their relationship had some trouble after their marriage. Katarína and Peter had never expressed any ill emotions towards each other before tying the knot. It is often the case that couples underestimate the difficulties of married life, and it seems to be the case between these two lovebirds. Their relationship became so sour that some news reports claimed that the couple had separated. Peter Sagan publicly announced that he would divorce his wife, and everyone was devastated. The news reports are still out on the internet, and some people believe that their marriage has ended. However, those people are wrong because Peter and Katarína are still happily married. It seems like that rough patch in their relationship drove them over the edge, but they worked things out in the end.

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Katarína Is A Multitalented Person

Their relationship seems to have curtailed after the birth of their son, Marlon, in 2017. However, one must applaud this couple for holding on to their love despite their differences. Most people do not know much about this beautiful woman other than her relationship with the cyclist. However, there is so much more to Katarína Smolková than people think. She is a multilingual person who can speak German, Czech, Slovak, English, and French. Her multilingualism makes it easy for her to get job opportunities. She has worked as the Optimization Project Coordinator at DHL IT Services Prague from 2010 to 2011. Her corporate career before that stays unknown. Katarína was also a Client Services Consultant for ANZ E*TRADE Australia.

Her positions indicate that she has expertise in management and customer services. Katarína knows how to convince people and make them comfortable. She also has experience in fundraising, teaching, public speaking, event planning, and management. Unfortunately, Katarína is only famous in her home country, which means that the Slovenians know more about her. Before she entered the commercial sector, Katarína had worked as a model for some time. As a teenager, she had also taken part in the Miss Universe beauty competition of the Slovak Republic in 2007 and made it to the top twelve.

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She Does Not Want To Come Before The Media Anymore

She only likes to interact with her friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. It is unlikely for Katarína to come before the media any time soon. However, she has participated in a few interviews before, and they are available on YouTube.

Katarína and Peter have worked hard for their relationship, so they deserve to stay together more than anyone else. Fortunately, this couple will not go through another rough patch in their marriage like last time. However, everyone knows that Katarína and Peter will survive any odds thrown their way.

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