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Who Is Jelena Djokovic? Meet The Wife Of Novak Djokovic, Who Knows 17 Languages!

Jelena Djokovic Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJune 17, 1986
Place of BirthBelgrade, Serbia
ResidencyMonte Carlo, Monaco
BoyfriendNovak Djokovic
JobEntrepreneur, CEO (Novak Djokovic Foundation), Director (Original Magazine)
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
TattoosOda currently has no tattoos
Sister / BrotherShe has a sister named Marija Ristić.
Father & MotherHer father’s name is Miomir Ristic and her mother is named Vera Ristić
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)$500,000

Jelena Djokovic Biography

Novak Djokovic, a household name in the tennis world, literally has the cutest wife. She sometimes appears in his Instagram pictures, but several people don’t know about her. This article will tell you all about Jelena Djokovic, her life and her relationship with the famous tennis. Buckle up because there are several things to uncover about this beauty.

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To begin, Jelena was born in Belgrade on June 17, 1986, making her 35 years old at present. Jelena’s sun sign is Gemini, meaning she has an extroverted and flexible personality. She exudes the real signs of a Gemini because she is a successful businesswoman. Jelena works round-the-clock as the national director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, a charity for underprivileged children. Through her efforts, Jelena has made significant contributions to society and received acknowledgment for her philanthropic work. Moreover, the beautiful woman can speak seventeen languages fluently. On top of all her work in the charity, Jelena also founded Jelena Ristic Consulting, a digital marketing firm.

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She Was Also A Model

Contrary to her current position, Jelena began her career in an oil company called Oilinvest Group. She worked as a human resource coordinator at Oilinvest Group for eight months before opening Jelena Ristic Consulting. She also founded a magazine called Original, in which she writes about the works of celebrities around the globe. In addition to her noble deeds, the world has not failed to notice her good looks. Jelena did not let that recognition go to waste and worked as a model for some time before devoting herself to her work. She appeared as a swimwear model in the 2013 swimwear collection of Figleaves, but that was it. Because of her multilingualism, Jelena can write like a professional too. Jelena delivered an inspirational speech at the first Western Balkans Women Conference in 2016.

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She Was Studious As A Kid

Her parents raised her in a humble background full of love and support, due to which Jelena grew up to be a caring, loving person. She is close to her elder sister Marija, who was her pillar of support throughout her childhood. Her primary education happened in a sports high school, after which she attended Bocconi University in Milan. From there, Jelena earned a degree in business administration. Her university education was not enough for her, so she took admission to the International University of Monaco, earning a postgraduate degree in luxury brand management.

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Her multifaceted personality is proof that Jelena was a studious kid and adult. She managed to perform extraordinarily well in all areas of her life, education being the most significant. As a child, her family struggled with some financial issues. However, Jelena was an ambitious kid, so her parents supported all her dreams. One of these dreams was enrolling in a foreign university, which Jelena turned into a reality despite the financial struggles. Jelena likes to read and learn about nutrition, children, health care, and other related topics.

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Jelena And Novak Know Each Other Since Highschool

Finally, coming to her relationship with Novak, it is clear that Jelena is the talkative one in the relation. Jelena and Novak met during high school and formed a friendship, never thinking about romance. Throughout the years, they became close and began dating in 2005. Their relationship had no struggles until Jelena bagged a job at the oil company. Because her job and tennis tournaments kept the pair away from each other, their relationship started getting strained. However, they made it work in the end, marrying each other on July 10, 2014. All the events leading up to the wedding were grand. For example, Novak proposed to Jelena during his trip to Monte Carlo by taking her to Couvent des Minimes in a helicopter. The couple had two weddings, one at Sveti Stefan and another at the Church of Saint Stephen. Today, the pair has two children, Stefan and Tara.

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Jelena and Novak are the perfect representation of a celebrity power couple. They both have successful careers and loving families, and both extend their love to other people. Novak and Jelena work through their differences perfectly, thus keeping their relationship alive. It is safe to say that Jelena and Novak have several lovely years ahead of them.

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