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Who Is Ivana Nedved? Meet The Beautiful, Independent Ex-WAG Of Pavel Nedved

Ivana Nedved Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthCzech Republic
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Ivana Nedved Biography

Footballers and their wives are a hot topic in every country. Discussions about their lives are often colorful and full of scandals. Some footballers showcase their relationships to the world while others maintain their privacy. Mostly, the WAGs of these footballers are often an exciting topic for the paparazzi. The WAGs often come from backgrounds of fashion, journalism, and media. Some WAGs choose to remain away from the public, much to the dissatisfaction of their fans. Many use the newfound popularity to advance in their career. Football fans want to know more about their life. Articles like this one fulfill that purpose. This article is about Ivana Nedved, the ex-wife of Pavel Nedved.


She Is Stunning, Even At An Old Age

Pavel and Ivana were together for more than two decades before their split. Ivana never revealed her age to the public, but she must be as old as her footballer ex-husband. She raised her two kids with love. However, Ivana never compromised on her health and beauty. She ensured to exercise and eat healthy to maintain youthful looks even in her old age. Ivana still maintains a healthy, happy lifestyle and makes the most of every day. She does not waste time worrying over unnecessary things and focuses on the positive things in life. She sports beautiful shoulder-length golden locks. They frame her face in all the correct places, making her look pretty. She has deep blue eyes that reflect her love and affection for herself and her family.


She Has A Inspirational Mindset

Ivana is a go-getter. She does not wait for things to fall into her lap. Ivana is aggressive when pursuing her goals in life. She always gives her best to every venture and ensures that her children learn the same lesson. The best part about her personality is her unwillingness to give up her goals. Once she sets her mind to something, Ivana achieves it irrespective of the circumstances. She is a strong woman who instilled lessons of love and determination in her children. Her dedication to her goals is commendable and impressive.

She Loves Her Privacy In Life

Ivana does not like to divulge the details of her personal life on social media. She was an outgoing person when she and Pavel were together. She used to appear in several news reports. Ivana used to speak with the Czech media when she was married to Pavel. However, after their separation, Ivana became an introverted individual. She has one private Instagram account without a profile picture. She does not have many followers on that account. It is because people do not know the person behind it. She does not seem to post too often on her Instagram account. However, her son, Pavel, has uploaded a couple of pictures with her on his account.


She Is Not A Fashionista

Most WAGs are obsessed with luxury fashion brands. They would not trade anything for their fabulous lifestyle. Ivana is different because she maintains a casual style. She usually wears a jean and tee-shirt combo with no makeup at all. She sports a casual hairstyle. Ivana avoids standing out in public because she does not like attention from strangers. She only appears on social media when her children post about her.


It Is Unclear Why She Separated From Pavel

Pavel and Ivana were a famous couple in the football community. They separated in 2019, and Pavel began dating someone else. Neither made a public statement about their separation and did not explain. Her children, Ivana and Pavel, maintain a close relationship with their parents. It is unclear if Ivana is still friends with her ex-husband. However, they both are excellent parents to their children.

Ivana has not revealed whether she has any other man in her life yet. However, any man would be lucky to be a part of her life. She has a loving personality. Ivana will stay away from the media for a long time. Her children and career are her focus at this moment in life. She might have some personal goals and does not want to compromise. She appears to be content and happy with her life and does not want anyone to disturb her peace.

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