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Who Is Fernanda Queiroz? Meet The Stunning And Kind Ex-Girlfriend Of Gabriel Jesus

Fernanda Queiroz Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthBrazil
Ex-BoyfriendGabriel Jesus
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
TattoosFernanda has an eye tattoo on her upper back. She also has a writing that runs along her spine. Fernanda has barely visible writings on her arm and pelvis.
SmokingNo, never
Sister / BrotherUnknown
Father & MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth (approx.)$70,000

Fernanda Queiroz Biography

Gabriel Jesus is a big name in the football world, thanks to his remarkable performance on the field. His dedication to his career is strong, and he made that clear when he split from Fernanda Queiroz early in 2020. However, that has not stopped anyone from talking about the gorgeous girl. This article is also about the life of this beautiful model.

Fernanda Has The Best Facial Features

In the looks department, this girl is above average, as evident from her modeling career. Fernanda stands at a medium height and slim build. Her stunning figure lands her several modeling gigs and popularity. She takes this job quite seriously as she regularly uploads her work on her Instagram account. Her silky-straight, long hair frames her face in all the right places. Fernanda’s face has some fine doll-like features, making her stand out from other people.

via Instagram

She Is A Total Fashionista

Fernanda loves to dress and pulls off any outfit with ease. She seems to love bikini shoots in particular, as she has several of those on her Instagram account. Her physical beauty is a result of the long hours she invests in keeping herself fit and fine. Fernanda’s Instagram account is the right place for anyone looking for some fashion inspiration or ideas.

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She Values Her Privacy More Than Fame

Fernanda is quite a private person as she refrains from showcasing her personal life on social media. Apart from occasional praises to near and dear ones, she does not expose anything about her relationships. Hence, the supermodel has not revealed her relationship status as of now. Fernanda does not talk with the media a lot, despite being so popular among the masses. She likely has the paparazzi following her now and then, but she never pays attention to it. However, everyone knew about her while she was dating a famous footballer.

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She Stayed Strong Through Her Abrupt And Hurtful Breakup

It was never clear how she and Gabriel met, but their relationship ended as fast as it began. Gabriel decided to end it abruptly, making his career a higher priority than his now ex-girlfriend. It happened within a few months of Fernanda moving in with her now ex-boyfriend. Fernanda took it well despite feeling devastated. Today, there is no trace of this past on their social media accounts. Fans were shocked to learn about this sudden split, just like Fernanda herself, who found that Gabriel had unfollowed over social media. It is unknown if the former couple had any problems before this public breakup.

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Her Personality Makes Her Even More Beautiful

Regardless of her failed relationship with Gabriel, Fernanda continues being her fabulous self. The thing that stands out the most about this Brazilian beauty is her expressive personality. She never fails to express gratitude towards the people still present in her life and genuinely wishes the best for everyone. Fernanda believes in forgiving and forgetting the past, which is apparent due to her loving and caring personality. She deeply cares about the people in her life but isn’t afraid to move on from heartbreaks and failures.

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Fernanda Finds Peace In Her Extravagant Travels

Much like her relationships, her age is also unknown. She has not revealed her educational qualifications or jobs other than modeling. It is safe to say that the pretty brunette makes enough from her current profession as she can afford international travel. Fernanda has always been a travel freak with a peculiar love for beaches. She has several story highlights dedicated to her travels on her Instagram account. She certainly is the happiest when she is on her feet, exploring different countries, food, and cultures.

It is surprising how she takes time out of her busy schedule for her personal life. Despite being flooded with modeling gigs and other work, Fernanda does not let her profession affect her personal life. It shows that she is a productive individual who knows how to manage her time and energy.

In brief, Fernanda is a pretty, resilient, and lovely individual. She never let her love life consume her despite showing immense dedication to it. Her bold and loving personality shows that inner beauty is more significant than mere physical features.

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