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Who Is Destiny Jones? Meet The Smart Girlfriend Of Amari Cooper!

Destiny Jones Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthN.A.
BoyfriendAmari Cooper
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Destiny Jones Biography

Amari Cooper is among the famous names in the national football league. This American football wide receiver has become famous for his excellent performance in his field. There is hardly any American that does not know his name. However, several people have mistaken his girlfriend for another person. The name of his lovely lady is Destiny Jones. She is an amazing woman who has stuck by her boyfriend’s side for several years.


She Is Not A Celebrity

People often confuse this woman for the celebrity when the same name. However, Amari Cooper’s girlfriend has stayed away from the spotlight throughout the relationship. She does not like it when people know too much information about her. There are very few pictures of hold on the internet. She also does not own an Instagram account or any other social media. It is common for the girlfriends of celebrity football players to remain private about their life.

She Is Gorgeous

Amari Cooper is lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend as Destiny Jones. She has dark black hair that she likes to keep short. Her black hair suits her facial shape and frames it in all the right angles. She keeps her hair neat and trimmed at all times. Along with her gorgeous tresses, she also has excellent facial features. It is not surprising that Amari Cooper is in love with her. She has also taken excellent care of her body throughout the years. Destiny Jones has an athletic, healthy build, making her look youthful. She has been maintaining her body through rigorous diet and exercise regimes.


She Is A Studious Person

The internet does not have much information about her personal life. However, people know that Destiny Jones is a successful psychiatrist. She graduated from Alabama State University. It is unclear where Destiny is practicing as a psychiatrist. However, her degree indicates that she is an intelligent and sincere person. Most WAGs work in the modeling and fashion industry. A very few of them work in a field full of study and research. The beautiful Destiny Jones has dedicated herself to her work, due to which she does not have the time to indulge in social media and other trivial activities.


She Has An Introverted Yet Sociable Personality

Destiny Jones is a shy introvert and a social butterfly simultaneously. She likes to be around people as long as she knows and trusts them. She does not prefer to deal with strangers, especially on the internet.  Destiny does not socialize too much because she has a lot of work in her career. However, her psychiatry field requires her to meet several people every day. It is why she feels comfortable socializing with people. Destiny also has a kind personality and a warm demeanor. People like her immediately due to her caring attitude. She is an empathetic woman who likes to do good for other people. Her kindness is one of the most attractive things about her.

Her Goals Are The Only Priority

Destiny Jones does not like to have any obstacles between her goals. It is one of the reasons why she has not opened any social media accounts. She wants to focus on her psychiatric career to do something significant in her field. She has also not revealed the details about her family and her relationship with the famous American sportsman. Her dedicated focus on her career is one of the most admirable things about this beautiful woman.


Most WAGs sacrifice their careers to live a life of luxury with their famous husbands. However, Destiny Jones is not one of them. She wants to build a life for herself with her money. She does not depend on anyone, including her boyfriend.

Destiny is an ideal feminist due to her independent attitude. She does not let anyone become an obstacle between her and her goals.

Amari Cooper is Lucky to have met a woman as intelligent and beautiful as destiny in his life. She is the perfect partner for him. It is because their personalities are similar to an extent. Amari focuses on his sporting skills, while Destiny helps people in her psychiatry career.

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