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Who Is Claire Froggatt? Meet The Independent Alleged Ex-WAG Of Paul Scholes!

Claire Froggatt Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthN.A.
ResidencyUnited Kingdom
BoyfriendPaul Scholes
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Claire Froggatt Biography

Separations and divorces are commonplace among celebrity relationships. Even the best love stories come to sudden, bitter ends. People still fall in love despite its unpredictable nature. After all, love is a risky thing. Claire and Paul Scholes seemed to know it too. They fell in love fast and fell out of it equally fast. This article is about Claire and her relationship with her alleged ex-husband, Paul Scholes.


She Is A Strong Mother Of Three

Claire was born in 1974, but her precise date of birth is not known. She has beautiful blonde locks that fall to her shoulders. Claire is a tall, confident woman, not afraid to speak her mind. She is bold and independent. Claire is a mother of three children: daughter Alicia Scholes and two sons – Aiden Scholes and Arron Scholes. She raised their children with her husband at their luxurious estate in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. Claire does not like heavy make-up.

She Is A Fitness Nut

She sticks to a bit of foundation and mascara to highlight her eyes. Despite raising three children, Claire looks youthful. Her skin glows, and her figure has remained athletic over the years. It is all thanks to her healthy diet and exercise. She likes to stay fit in all situations. Like her husband, she loves sports, but her occupation remains unknown. Claire has also not revealed any information about her parents and siblings.


She Met Paul As A Teenager

Sources report that the pair had met at age 18 at a local pub. It was love at first sight because they hit it off instantly. Claire began spending more time with her boyfriend. Neither of them thought they would marry and have a family. They dated for six beautiful years before they walked down the aisle. Their marriage happened in 1999, and they never had any drama between them. They were excellent team players and solved all issues together. Their dedication to their relationship was commendable. Claire grew old with her husband and raised three children with him. She ensured to surround her family with love and affection.

They Have Allegedly Separated

When people first heard the news of their separation, it came as a shock. Even the viewers and fans who did not know enough about their life felt taken aback. The report appeared suddenly without any context. Usually, a couple displays some troubles in their relationship before getting a divorce. However, the separation of Claire and her husband was not the same. They were perfectly in love for more than two decades, and one day it just went away. Their relationship sprouted out of nowhere, just like their separation.


They Have Not Given Any Reason For Their Separation

Reports suggest that Froggatt lives in a new house 20 minutes away from her former residence. The couple has not disclosed the reason for their conflict. Because they have not announced the reason for their split, people think they might get back together. It might seem absurd to expect a couple to reconcile after a public separation, but it is not implausible. After all, they both value family above everything else. They have dedicated their whole lives to raising their children and creating a happy family.


Family Above Everything Else

Most footballers hold their career above their family, but not Paul. For him, his family came above everything else. He retired from his football career early for the sake of his family. According to him, the reason for his early retirement was missing Claire too much. Back then, he played for Three Lions. His retirement happened in 2004, aged just 29.

Before his separation, Paul often shared pictures of him and Claire. The last photo of the couple on his Instagram page was in February 2020. Claire was equally devoted to him because she always stood beside her husband at all times. They worked as an excellent team. Claire and Paul have outgoing, funny personalities that mesh well. The rumors of their separation began circulating after the media spotted Claire without her wedding ring.

Hopefully, Claire and Paul get back together. A relationship as lovely as theirs is rare in this world of glitz and glamour. They have devoted several years of their lives to each other.

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