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Who Is Antonella Maraglino? Meet The Beautiful Girlfriend Of Antonio Giovinazzi!

Antonella Maraglino Quick Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthItaly
BoyfriendAntonio Giovinazzi
Sister / BrotherN.A.
Father & MotherN.A.
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen
Net Worth (approx.)N.A.

Antonella Maraglino Biography

F1 is all about sexy cars, women and charismatic players. Antonio Giovinazzi, a handsome F1 driver, acts as a champion and uses a play-to-win approach. What people don’t know about him and other F1 stars are their loving partners who support them in every way. The lucky woman in Antonio Giovinazzi’s life is Antonella Maraglino. Do you know anything about this beautiful woman that looks like a fashion model? Probably not. Most people don’t know about her, so here’s an article that will fulfil your curiosity.

Together Since 2018, But Nobody Can Confirm

Antonio and Antonella have been dating each other since 2018, or at least that is what they want us to think. Nobody knows when they met or when they fell in love. However, they fell for each other and have not given up on the relationship. For all we know, Antonio and his girlfriend could be childhood friends or teenage lovers. There is no way to confirm, and fans need to deal with it.

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They Have Broken Up Once

Despite their secretive attitude, the media is sure that Antonio and Antonella split in 2019. Nobody knows how news channels got their hands on the juicy gossip, but we assume their love story was not perfect. Like most couples, Antonella and her boyfriend must have disagreements and conflicts. After all, a relationship between romantic partners is incomplete without drama.

They Are The Hottest Couple In F1

Antonella and her boyfriend have both won the genetic lottery when it comes to their looks. They have picture-perfect features that make them a hot couple of the F1 industry. Unfortunately, like other beautiful people, they both receive tons of unwanted attention from fans. It does not help that Antonio is a famous F1 driver because it only makes matters worse. Female fans refuse to keep their distance from the driver, much to the disappointment of his loving girlfriend.

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Another Former WAG Stole Antonio From Her

Remember that the F1 fans are not the only ones stirring trouble in Antonella’s paradise. One of the reasons for her split with the F1 driver was that another famous WAG had caught his eye. According to media sources, Giovinazzi had a brief relationship with Viki Odintcova in 2019. She is the ex-girlfriend of Fernando Alonso, another F1 star. WagF1, a media source about the F1 industry, claims that Giovinazzi confirmed it in an Italian interview.

She Was/Is A Model

In 2020, Maraglino got back together with Antonio, and they have been private since then. Neither of them likes to talk about their life on social media. However, there is little information about Antonella other than her relationship with Antonio. She is the winner of the 2009 edition of the Miss Carnivals of Italy contest. She had her moment of fame because she won the contest years before meeting her boyfriend. People also claim that she is a famous Italian model still active in the industry. Maybe she is a former model, but nobody knows. Another debated information about her is that she is a law student. If it is true, it is safe to assume that Antonella is an intelligent girl.

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She has never spoken to any interviewers and does not intend on doing so in the future. Antonella prefers to live a quiet life where she and her boyfriend can live in peace. It is why she has not revealed anything about her family, friends, or job.

Her Love For Antonio Is Everything

There is one fact about her that is obvious to the world. She is head over heels for her boyfriend and does everything to support him. She may not express her support on social media or interviews, but Antonella stays committed to him. She has a kind and forgiving attitude towards her boyfriend. Despite Antonio getting all the attention from women, Antonella has never expressed dissatisfaction towards anyone. It tells us that Antonella is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

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Despite the lack of information, we can assume that Antonella has a different life than her boyfriend. She supports him but does not follow him to matches and events. She likely works a regular job while doing occasional modeling gigs. Antonio is lucky to have this beautiful woman by his side.

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