Who is Alexandra King? Serious facts about Jimmy Garoppolo’s ex-girlfriend

A woman who had her heartbroken, this young lady happens to be the ex-girlfriend of San Fransisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G might not have acknowledged their relationship, but we are going to. Read this article to know more about Alexandra Rose King, the former girlfriend of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Boston’s not far behind New York when it comes to models. – via Instagram

Biography of a Boston based model

Alexandra Rose King was born on May 27, 1995, in Boston, Massachusetts, the USA. Her parents are Stacey and Martin King. Alexandra has two older brothers, Timothy (b. 1989) and Trevor (b. 1993), and grew up in Boston.

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After completing high school education, Alexandra went to the University of Massachusetts. She also studied at the Massachusetts School of Art and Design after that. 

Alexandra King’s modelling career

Ms King was thrust into the limelight when she began posting sexy pictures of herself on social media. Alexandra began to gain a following, and her stock rose rather sharply. She began to endorse a few brands even. The young lady wasn’t making a lot of money, but she was doing well for a complete newbie on social media.

Sex sells. No matter where you’re from, right? – via Instagram

Alexandra’s relationship with Jimmy G

The girl from Boston got to meet the QB after he moved to the 49ers. This was in late 2017. The two of them decided to keep their affair a secret. However, on Valentine’s day in 2018, Alexandra came out in public and called Jimmy her valentine. The QB was still maintaining his silence. Little did Alexandra know that this would be the beginning of the end of her relationship with him.

He courted her publicly. There’s no denying that. – via Instagram

Why did Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King breakup?

After her public revelation, the media began questioning her beau. Jimmy replied saying, “That’s news to me” or something along those lines. It was too much to bear for poor Alexandra. After the public courtship and hanging out with him at Disneyland, the least she expected was a word of acknowledgement from Jimmy. When that didn’t happen, the two of them decided that it was best if they went their own ways. 

How did Alexandra handle the breakup?

Breakups are never pleasant, and suffering public embarrassment meant that Ms King wasn’t going to let go of things easily. She got her revenge back when Jimmy injured his ACL in 2018. Alex taunted him on social media only to receive a lot of backlash from his fans. It was in poor taste, and it only damaged her reputation beyond repair.

They even went to Disneyland together. – via Instagram

What does Alexandra King do now?

Ms King, who had some clout on social media, saw it explode after her breakup with Jimmy. Instead of capitalising on her newfound success, Alexandra went on to ruin her career by crying over spilt milk. People thought she was a bitter woman and didn’t want to associate with her at all. The lady lost a lot of followers, but the hate she kept receiving on social media meant that she could no longer be there. Alexandra Rose King has since deleted all her accounts and has gone into sleep mode for now.

Learn to let go. – via Instagram

What could have Alexandra King done better?

We feel for this lady. We really do. She should have let go of her past and just focused on the present. Alexandra wanted to avenge her public humiliation, which led her to act without thinking through things. It was what undid her. What a shame. We would have loved her in the social space. 

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