mourinho sacked
Mourinho looked rather content as he left the hotel. Would his €25 million release-fee have anything to do with it?

Mourinho sacked, but is he too upset about it?

We very much doubt it, José takes home a minimum of €25.000.000

The news that José Mourinho got sacked by Manchester United hardly surprised anyone. But is the manager himself too upset about it? Yesterday he was seen leaving the fancy Lowry Hotel in Manchester and the look on his face was all too telling.

The Special One took home a release-fee, so he surely will be enjoying some time off. Perhaps he is going to improve his golf-handicap?

Another tell-tale sign: he didn’t even have a house in Manchester! He actually resided at the Lowry Hotel for over 2 years. The bill for 895 days: a staggering 595.000 euro.

mourinho fee
José as he left the hotel he stayed at for more than 2 years. Goodbye Manchester!

Nasty details of the atmosphere within Man. United revealed

The Times recently reported about the atmosphere within the club during José’s tenure. One could obviously tell that the relationship between the manager and the rest of the club was far from harmonic, but Mourinho took things to the next level.

He did things such as wearing sneakers and a hoodie to the Munich disaster memorial or put his son (José Mario Mourinho Jr.) on the bench during a game against Swansea City.

We think sacking Mourinho was the best for both parties involved. WTFoot is keeping an eye out for any rumours regarding the future of the Portuguese.



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