Wolverhampton Wanderers Player Salaries 2019-2020 Revealed

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We have compiled all the data necessary, we know exactly how much these players earn. Join us and find out who has the most shocking salary and who still has a long ways to go!

Wolverhampton Wanderers Salary Overview

Have a look at our overview to find out who earns the most and who earns the least of all Wolverhampton Wanderers players.

playersalary yearsalary week
Joao Moutinho€ 5.720.000€ 110.000
Rui Patricio€ 5.720.000€ 110.000
Patrick Cutrone€ 3.599.200€ 69.215
Ruben Neves€ 2.860.000€ 55.000
Adama Traore€ 2.459.600€ 47.300
Raul Jimenez€ 2.358.400€ 45.354
Leander Dendoncker€ 2.169.200€ 41.715
Jonny Castro€ 2.097.700€ 40.340
Leo Bonatini€ 2.002.000€ 38.500
Ruben Vinagre€ 1.716.000€ 33.000
Romain Saiss€ 1.258.400€ 24.200
Ryan Bennett€ 1.144.000€ 22.000
Bruno Jordao€ 1.100.000€ 21.154
Conor Coady€ 858.000€ 16.500
Morgan Gibbs-White€ 858.000€ 16.500
Matt Doherty€ 572.000€ 11.000

Wolverhampton Wanderers pays its players a whopping total of 36 million euro’s per year!

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Do you want to know how much this club from Wolverhampton spends on it’s players per month, or even per minute or second? Check this out!

Month€ 3.000.000
Day€ 98.361
Hour€ 4.098
Minute€ 68
Second€ 1,14

Yes you read that right, Wolverhampton Wanderers has to pay 1,14 euros per SECOND to its players. How do you say ‘amazing’ in Portuguese?

Since you’ve been viewing this page, Wolverhampton Wanderers has spent the following on salaries…


By the way, the average salary per player is 2,2 million euro’s per player year. Not bad at all.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – Salaries compared to the rest of the Premier League

We all know that the salaries in the Premier League are the highest in the world. The Wolves are in the lower regions of the Premier League in terms of expenses on salaries but they still pay up.

Premier League Salaries per Club 19-20 Comparison

The average yearly salary expenses in the Premier League are about 73 million euro. As you can see Wolverhampton Wanderers sits right at about half of that. There are only 3 teams in the league that spend less on salaries.

Which Wolverhampton Wanderers player earns the most in the 19-20 season?

Joao Moutinho is definitely the player that earns the most of all Wolves players. The Portuguese playmaker may be getting a touch older en slower but that doesnt mean he is not earning massive amounts of cash while doing so.

He earns 5,7 Million Euro per year. That means that he accounts for 16% of the club’s total expenses in terms of salaries.

Do you want to know a little bit more about the legendary number 10 from Portugal, please have a look at his wiki and get to know him for real!

All that money apparently buys you a huge Christmas Tree. Happy holidays lads!

Which Wolverhampton Wanderers player earns the least in the 19-20 season?

Matt Doherty is the Wolves players that earns the least amount of money during the 19-20 campaign. He accounts for only 1% of the total expenses of the club as he earns a total of 570.000 euros per years.

Dont feel too sorry for this lad though. As you can see on his wiki he is living quite the life. Good job Matt, who needs money anyway?!

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