Tottenham Hotspur Player Salaries 2020-2021 Revealed

tottenham salary overview 2020 2021

We have compiled all the data necessary, we know exactly how much these players earn. Join us and find out who has the most shocking salary and who still has a long ways to go!

Tottenham Hotspur Salary Overview

Have a look at our overview to find out who earns the most and who earns the least of all Tottenham Hotspur players.

playersalary yearsalary week
Gareth Bale€31,200,000€600,000
Harry Kane€12,584,000€242,000
Tanguy Ndombele€12,584,000€242,000
Heung-Min Son€8,808,800€169,400
Dele Alli€6,292,000€121,000
Hugo Lloris€6,292,000€121,000
Pierre-Emile Højbjerg€5,300,000€101,923
Toby Alderweireld€5,033,600€96,800
Erik Lamela€5,033,600€96,800
Lucas Moura€5,033,600€96,800
Moussa Sissoko€5,033,600€96,800
Ryan Sessegnon€5,000,000€96,154
Serge Aurier€4,404,400€84,700
Giovani Lo Celso€4,404,400€84,700
Davinson Sanchez€4,089,800€78,650
Steven Bergwijn€3,800,000€73,077
Ben Davies€3,775,200€72,600
Eric Dier€3,775,200€72,600
Danny Rose€3,775,200€72,600
Matt Doherty€3,400,000€65,385
Harry Winks€3,146,000€60,500
Joe Hart€2,700,000€51,923
Sergio Reguilón€2,500,000€48,077
Jack Clarke€1,600,000€30,769
Paulo Gazzaniga€1,258,400€24,200
Japhet Tanganga€1,200,000€23,077
Joe Rodon€500,000€9,615
Alfie Whiteman€200,000€3,846

Tottenham Hotspur pays its players a whopping total of 152.0 million euro’s per year! That is a huge increase compared to the last few years. The Spurs are increasing their expenses, lets hope for them that it leads to silverware.

Do you want to know how much this club from London spends on it’s players per month, or even per minute or second? Check this out!


Yes you read that right, Tottenham Hotspur has to pay 4,80 euros per SECOND to its players. Can you image that? No? Well, just take a look at the money clock below and realize how much money this is!

Since you’ve been viewing this page, Tottenham Hotspur has spent the following on salaries…


By the way, the average salary per player is 5,4 million euro’s per player year. Not bad at all.

Tottenham Hotspur – Salaries compared to the rest of the Premier League

The salaries are sky-high all over the Premier League. But how does Tottenham Hotspur fare against its competitors and against the rest of the league?

For years now Tottenham Hotspur have been paying its players amazing salaries. It’s one of the best paying clubs in the Premier League.

premier league salaries 2020 2021

The average yearly salary expenses in the Premier League are about 85 million euro. As you can see Tottenham Hotspur surpasses that easily. Only 3 clubs in the Premier League (Man Utd, Chelsea and City) pay more!.

Which Tottenham Hotspur player earns the most in the 2020-2021 season?

Superstar Gareth Bale earns the most of all the Tottenham Hotspur players. He earns 31 million euro per year! That is almost 150 times more than Alfie Whiteman, the lowest paid player in the Tottenham Hotspur squad. Gareth accounts for 20% of the club’s total salary expenses. To be fair to him and the Spurs, Real Madrid also pays half of that, at least for this season.

The amazing striker from England makes a stunning €3,562 per hour and we even calculated his wage per second. Hold on: he earns 1 euro per SECOND.

Do you want to know a little bit more about the winger born in Wales? That’s possible! Please have a look at his wiki and get to know him for real!

We would marry Gareth in a heartbeat, given his massive salary.

Which Tottenham Hotspur player earns the least in the 2020-2021 season?

Alfie Whiteman earns a ‘measly’ €200.000 euro. He is the lowest paid player at the club, but is still above the average in the Premier League. His salary is almost 150 times lower than that of top earner Gareth Beale, though. But this talented player still has a lot of years of professional football ahead of him!

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