Sheffield United Player Salaries 2019-2020 Revealed

We have compiled all the data necessary, we know exactly how much these players earn. Join us and find out who has the most shocking salary and who still has a long ways to go!

Sheffield United Salary Overview

Have a look at our overview to find out who earns the most and who earns the least of all Sheffield United players.

playersalary yearsalary week
Phil Jagielka€ 2.860.000€ 55.000
Muhamed Besic€ 1.716.000€ 33.000
Lys Mousset€ 1.430.000€ 27.500
Jacob Murphy€ 1.430.000€ 27.500
Oliver Norwood€ 858.000€ 16.500
Richard Stearman€ 858.000€ 16.500
Billy Sharp€ 686.400€ 13.200
Luke Freeman€ 572.000€ 11.000
Dean Henderson€ 572.000€ 11.000
Jack O'Connell€ 572.000€ 11.000
Leon Clarke€ 514.800€ 9.900
John Fleck€ 457.600€ 8.800
John Egan€ 429.000€ 8.250
Simon Moore€ 286.000€ 5.500
Callum Robinson€ 286.000€ 5.500
Kieron Freeman€ 257.400€ 4.950
John Lundstrom€ 228.800€ 4.400
Ben Osborn€ 228.800€ 4.400
Enda Stevens€ 228.800€ 4.400
Kean Bryan€ 171.600€ 3.300

Sheffield United pays its players a total of 14.0 million euro’s per year!

Do you want to know how much this club from Sheffield spends on it’s players per month, or even per minute or second? Check this out!

Month€ 1.166.667
Day€ 38.251
Hour€ 1.594
Minute€ 27
Second€ 0,44

Yes you read that right, Sheffield United has to pay 0,44 euros per SECOND to its players. That’s the LOWEST of the whole Premier League!

Since you’ve been viewing this page, Sheffield United has spent the following on salaries…


By the way, the average salary per player is 0,6 million euro’s per player year. Not bad for such a small club as Sheffield United.

Sheffield United – Salaries compared to the rest of the Premier League

The salaries are sky-high all over the Premier League. But how does Sheffield United fare against its competitors and against the rest of the league?

Sheffield United is back in the Premier League, but still pays Championship salaries compared to the other clubs in the BPL.

Premier League Salaries per Club 19-20 Comparison

The average yearly salary expenses in the Premier League are about 73 million euro. That’s way more than Sheffield United does. They are the lowest paying club of the whole Premier League!

Which Sheffield United player earns the most in the 19-20 season?

Former star Phil Jagielka still earns the most of all the Sheffield United players. He earns 2.9 million euro per year! That is almost 16 times more than Kean Bryan, the lowest paid player in the Sheffield United squad. Phil Jagielka accounts for 21% of the club’s total salary expenses. He’d better perform for that money!

The experienced defender makes a stunning 300€ per hour and we even calculated his wage per second. Hold on: he earns 9 cents per SECOND. Phil Jagielka, we envy you..

Not the fastest anymore on the pitch, but Jagielka still has a need for speed. The legendary defender is the best paid player of Sheffield and drives around in a car that confirms his status.

Which Sheffield United player earns the least in the 19-20 season?

Kean Bryan earns a ‘measly’ € 117.000 euro. He is the lowest paid player at the club, and one of the lowest paid players of the Premier League. His salary is almost 16 times lower than that of top earner Phil Jagielka. But the young and talented player clearly has a ways to go!

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